intentional play in july
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Intentional Play In July

In July, my theme is intentional play. This is because I realise that unless I consciously take time to ‘play’, I don’t do it and life gets too serious and stressful. Focusing on play this month, will, I hope, help me to build it into my routine.

Why Play?

In her book Deep Play, Diane Ackerman argues that play isn’t just fun, it’s essential for well-being. According to her, it’s like a mental sanctuary where you can break free from the pressures of life. Play researcher, Dr Stuart Brown says that we are ‘built to play and built by play’.

Play is the joyful expression of our truest selves. It boosts our creativity, igniting new ideas and lighting up our imaginations. It helps us deal with life’s crazy, confusing, and unpredictable moments. Play feeds our wonder and sparks joy. When we play, we stay focused on finding meaning.

Yet, how little we adults truly play. We take ourselves too seriously. We’re okay with formal games – but truly playing for fun, is different. When we see people engaging in ‘playfulness’, we might actually shake our head in disdain!

But what if once we’ve passed on to the land yonder, we find that we’re actually judged by how little we played or how joyful we were, rather than what we accomplished? The joke would be on us!!

Intentional Play

I’m attempting to make play a part of my daily routine. A short time for a word game. Solving a puzzle. Being silly with the dog. Nonsense talk (I can hold an entire conversation!). Singing nonsense songs. Playing with words, rhymes. Laughing more. Listening to music and singing along loudly. I’m having fun with my Bujo, playing with stickers and washi tape, doodling and colouring and keeping a small notebook for play! I’m re-reading and going through some exercises suggested in Hop, Skip, Jump (read more about it on my post on The Frangipani Creative).

I’m trying to do what makes me feel like a child again. Making time for pure, unfiltered fun. The best part? My mood gets better, stress melts away, and I feel a wave of positive vibes.

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6 Comments on “Intentional Play In July

  1. Corinne, this is something I consciously adopted some months ago. I didn’t call it ‘intentional play’. But I did realise that I must engage myself in some puzzle-solving game that will keep my mind agile. So, every day, I keep some time aside for word games, like Wordle and Words of Wonders. I also play some simple games like Stack Bounce and Element Blocks. It is extremely important to take time off and engage oneself in recreation like children do.
    (My latest post: UK Tour 06 – Beamish Museum)

  2. It looks like my earlier comment vanished into thin air … Shall type it out again.

    Corinne, I began devoting some time to games and playing some months ago. Only that I didn’t call it ‘intentional play’.

    So, I play word games like Wordle and Words of Wonders and simple games like Stack Bounce and Element Blocks.

    (My latest post: UK Tour 06 – Beamish Museum)

  3. I play word games like Wordle and Words of Wonders and simple games like Stack Bounce and Element Blocks.

    (This is the 3rd time I am typing out the comment. I hope this time it appears.)

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