How to Improve The Curb Appeal of Your Home Inexpensively
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How to Improve The Curb Appeal of Your Home Inexpensively

Your house has a charm of its own, every single home that’s been lived in and loved does.  Unfortunately, there can be a little work needed when it comes to making other people see the value you see in the house.  When money’s already tight, and you don’t want to undersell, you need to take some steps to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Here are a handful of inexpensive ways to dress up your home so that potential home buyers put in some bids.

How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home Inexpensively

Yard Work

When buyers look at a yard and check how well it’s maintained, they want to know how much work they’ll have to do. How a homeowner takes care of their yard represents how they’ve taken care of the rest of the house.

Mow, cut away overgrowth on your paths and driveway, weed, and, if possible, put in some new plants.  These take time but can be free- or cheap- depending on how far you want to go.

Potted plants can be incredibly cheap, considering how long they live, pick a plant that goes with the outside of your house.  You’re painting an image, so with that, you need to make sure the colors all go together.


Although this will make you spend a little money, painting is the most obvious step to giving your house a fresh face. Paint your shutters, your door, and any other surfaces where the paint is looking dull or crackled.

Consider the color of your home itself, if you have a dark brick home then go for darker colors.  If your home has color siding, then look up colors of shutters or doors that go with that specific color.  A bucket of paint is around $25, which is a small investment to make your home look well maintained and brand new.

Power Washing

You don’t have to buy, or rent, a pressure washer for this one.  Most garden hoses have attachments that allow you to condense the water into a harsh jet.  Use this to refresh sidewalks, siding, brick, anything that’s looking a little grungy.  If you’re going to paint, do this step first to give yourself a fresh surface.

If you decide you do need a pressure washer, they rent out for $40-$100 a day.  Since it’s by day, make sure you get the most out of it while you have it.  Plan ahead on what areas you’ll clean, and then follow through and make sure you hit everything.


Your windows are more important than just what company made them.  When people are looking for Oakland houses for sale, they’ll be paying attention to window dressing.  Clean your windows, of course, but also make sure you have lovely curtains and decorations for them.  If your home feels cluttered with boxes from moving, move those so they won’t be visible in any property pictures.

What you’re selling people is an ideal future.  A place where they can look forward to coming home every single day, make sure it’s the perfect dream home for them.

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  1. These are great tips in curbing expenses while maintaining the house by making small expenses. I need to do some painting and will draw a leaf by adding colors, investing in paint buckets in getting someone to do the work. Thanks for sharing. Such small changes can make a difference. Hope you keeping safe, Corinne.

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