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I’m Through With New Year Resolutions

This New Year, unlike past years, (Are your New Year Resolutions lasting? and Another Chance to get it right) I haven’t made any resolutions.
Why so, you ask? Because I’ve never been good at keeping them! So the resolutions, instead of motivating me, ended up making me feel guilty. Since I’m done with feeling guilty, I’m through with resolutions!
I chose instead to work on a Vision Board and put down all that I envision myself doing in 2012. How is that different you ask? I think,  resolutions are usually series of ‘do’s and don’ts’ ‘musts and must nots’, whereas a vision board consists of visuals and phrases that help you to visualize your goals more concretely. Each time you look at it, you feel motivated and empowered to move towards your vision for yourself. Unconsciously, you send out a message to God and the Universe that you are open having the vision come true. So the focus is not on you and your performance or lack of it, but it is on something much larger than you – the vision.
In the latter half of last year, fed up with my inability to stick to an exercise and diet plan, I decided to move the focus from me and put my intention out there in the Universe. Things fell in to place, rather smoothly. I continue to be motivated to walk and keep my diet. There are days I don’t do this – but I don’t beat myself up about it. I continue to believe in my vision of being healthy. And  I know I’m steadily moving towards this.

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