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I’m Eating The Elephant!

I’m eating the elephant one bite at a time! In case you’re worried about the effects that such a thing would have on my health, don’t worry! I’m actually feeling much better, now that I’ve started taking one bite at a time.

I’m talking about clearing clutter, of course! What did you think?  How could you – I love elephants, but not that way!

Eating The Elephant One Bite At A Time

We inherited quite a bit of stuff from my parents. Some of it is things that we don’t need or just won’t use. I also tend to stock things like toiletries and stationery and sometimes can’t things when we need it urgently! There’s also a lot of e-clutter that I need to sort out. You know those things you download and plan to read later? 😉

Clutter can overwhelm us. So many of us put off clearing it, until it becomes a truly mammoth (haha…mammoth – elephant – get it? ) task. So I think this proverb is sane advice.

You must eat the elephant one bite at a time.

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I’m putting into practice what I’ve often read about. Rather than attempting to do one room, one cupboard, I’m learning to take one shelf, one drawer at a time and it’s working. Thanks for the inspiration, Cathy!

Clearing clutter is one of the choices I’ve made recently. Why do I think it’s important? Because I’m convinced of this:

If your house is full of stuff, all the blessings that could fill your house can’t get in. The stuff takes over. It robs you psychologically. You can’t be at peace. ~ Peter Walsh

Do you think it’s important to minimize the stuff we have? Do you have method in place for de-cluttering?


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4 Comments on “I’m Eating The Elephant!

  1. I have done a major decluttering with the help of my daughter, but we did it one draw, one shelf at a time as you said. It took about three weeks of dedicated work, but we finally got about 20 huge garbage bags of stuff out. Some to the recycling centre, some donated,some just thrashed.
    I am still not done. I am now working through the papers in my house. All those bits of paper on which I have scribbled poems and stories over the decade. I am uploading them all on to drive and discarding the papers. It is not easy emotionally either, but I do around ten sheets of paper every day, just after I write my morning pages.

  2. E-clutter. Love it. Know I know what to call it. We used to move about every 3 years and so while I packed I de-cluttered and purged. It worked good. And when I unpacked, I found even more to purge. Now we have been in the same house for 15 years and so I have had to start decluttering a different way. I will work on things, and then stop. Then start again. Sometimes a room, sometimes a drawer. I think it is a constant struggle, though. A throwing out as new things come in. A giving away as we move into a new phase of life.

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