i wonder who she is
FiveMinuteFriday - Self Acceptance and Self Care

I Wonder Who She Is

I wonder who she is
This woman I see.
When did she grow up?
When did she start to age?
When did she acquire laugh lines?
When did she get crow’s feet?
How did she start to look so tired?

I wonder who she is
The woman who smiles back at me?
When she does that,
Recognition dawns –
I start to see
Shades of the girl I once used to be,
With a heart full of love
And a head full of dreams
Setting out to conquer the world
Open to meeting new people
Looking for new experiences.
Now I know who she is
The woman I see
She is same old me.

Still I begin to reflect
What will I become
In the years that lie before me.
What choices will I make?
What opportunities will I take?
Will I still retain my sense of wonder?
Will I laugh loud again.
Can ever look beyond the heartache and the pain.
But I know it’s Grace that’s led me
To this point safe and well
And it’s Grace that’ll lead me onwards
As long as on this Earth I dwell.



This post was written in response to Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday prompt – she

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12 Comments on “I Wonder Who She Is

  1. This made me smile! I can so relate! The crows feet, pondering line between my eyes, and the forehead wrinkles accompany and mirror the lines that are on my chest as well…I think from sleeping on my side and everything squishing together! LOL! I liked your post, and I am glad that FMF led me to a smile this morning thru your writing. Have a good weekend! Jennifer

  2. I looked into the mirror
    perchance to hope to see
    something maybe clearer
    in what looked back at me.
    Beholding my reflection
    I saw so many scars
    from willful misdirection
    that wrecked a lot of cars,
    but behind that was a smile
    of idiot’s delight,
    for all the mayhem-ridden while
    and through the raucous nights
    of my wild infernal past,
    baby, I’ve just had a blast!

  3. When my mom was in her 80’s, before she went home to be with the Lord, she would often say, “I am an eighteen year old stuck in an 80-year-old body.” Then she would laugh because she knew she would be getting a new body free of sin, heart problems and family heartaches. She was a wonderful mom.

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