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I Got Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

I got up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Yes, you read that right.

I Got Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

“Which side is that?”, you ask.

Why, the left side of course!

What’s the Latin word for left? Sinistra (Why does that sound surprisingly like ‘sinister’?)

What’s the French word for ‘left’ ? Gauche (Doesn’t that word mean ‘clumsy’ in English?)

The world is biased against left-handed people. Ask me, I’m left-handed. But that’s the subject of another post.

I got up on the left side of the bed today. So far, nothing has gone wrong.

I get up on the left side of the bed everyday! Nothing goes wrong.
Black Cat
Black cats cross my path. Nothing goes wrong.

When I was in my thirties, a colleague noticed a coral ring I had on and shrieked, ” Don’t ever wear that stone. It’s bad luck!”  I calmly informed her that I had a string of corals placed around my hand when I was a baby.  And so far, nothing untoward had happened to me. I’m forty seven now and bad luck still alludes me.  Of course, it took me some more years to figure out that there’s no such thing as ‘bad luck’. But that’s the subject of another post, and I’ve done that already in my post ‘Good luck, bad luck and s*** luck‘.

How do I feel about cats? I don’t like them very much. Dogs are my pets of choice.

How do I feel about black cats? The same as I do about all cats.

How do I feel about superstitions? I told you already! 🙂

Linking in today via BlogFEST 2012 to Kelly of The Monkey Heart Discourses who is  the host for today. Her prompt : How do you feel about cats, black cats, superstitions?

So how do you feel about cats, black cats and superstitions?

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29 Comments on “I Got Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

  1. Ah…interesting topic Corinne!

    A lot can be said about superstitions, good luck or bad luck, and how people perceive things. I remember an aunt of mine who wouldn’t cross the road or stop right in her tracks, the moment she saw a black cat. Nor would she let her husband leave the house if someone sneezed! There are so – so many kinds of people, and the superstitions they really believe in – amazes me. I’m glad I really don’t have, nor do I believe any of these things. 🙂

    I guess there is no end to believing in all these things if you want to, yet, if you don’t, you are much better off. Oh yes…dogs are my favorites too – any day as compared to cats 🙂

  2. Don’t believe in superstitions either. Lucky for you, they haven’t made much difference despite what people said about getting some bad luck. Good post Corinne!

  3. I’m not huge on superstitions–but I have my rituals–and feel “off” all day if I don’t follow them. Superstitious or just out of place??

    Cheers, Jenn.

  4. Delightful read Corinne ! Superstitions are just irrational notions .My dad taught me to try and do exactly the reverse of such notions to overcome fears if any and I do just that.

  5. you picked an amazing cat photo for one who is not a cat person 😉

    i wonder if you believe in the power of any type of animal totems, myths or legends?

    i get that you probably meant this as sort of a light & fun piece so forgive me if i’m getting too deep — haha!

  6. Thanks for posting on my similar post. But, some of the superstitions can be fun. I have owned several black cats and they’ve all been sweeties and I’ve loved them as much as my other cats.

  7. I don’t belive in bad and good luck either … Its what you do and what you don’t do and nothing else so in short its sum total of your Karma .

  8. I, like you, prefer dogs to cats and am not superstitious. Unlike you, I don’t wear coral necklaces, rings or bracelets.
    Enjoyed your take on the prompt.

  9. I think its all in your mind .. you see a black cat and assume something bad is going to happen to you ! The LOA promptly listens to you and something bad does happen 🙂

  10. I thought that you were going to discuss something about the antics that happen on the bed 😉 But, Corinne, do you think that there is something like the right and left side of the bed? I have never heard of that. I know that in our country there is something superstitious about the left. I detest that. So much discrimination goes on with people who are left-handed. Well, let’s hope that people get some sense.
    Loved this post.

    Joy always,

  11. I am not very high of superstitions but follow certain things that have been drilled into us by our mom since childhood… No cutting of nails in the evenings or no washing of clothes on Thursdays etc…Harmless silly things, so practice them as per my convenience!! 😀

  12. Good one, Corinne! Really, I don’t believe in any superstition. I find it quite humorous how some people are totally consumed by them. I share your thoughts on cats and black cats :).

  13. I used to think that black cats also cause bad luck. And then I realized that cats are not at all connected to those untoward incidents. I don’t know how superstitious people are able to associate black cats with some sort of omen. It just didn’t make sense to me.

    I no longer believe in the word “luck,” whether it be good luck or bad luck. I now believe that everything happens for a reason, and even the so-called bad ones will turn into something good eventually. 🙂

    Lovely post, Corinne. Take care and God bless ❤❤❤ 🙂

  14. I was thinking as I read your post…. I get up on the left side of the bed, too….. it feels ‘right’. :))) Dogs are my choice
    of pets… but, I learned to love cats through the years when I used to feed some wild cats. They touched my heart in
    such a way that I’ll never forget… so, I love cats now. As for luck… I think life has a way of twisting, turning in all
    directions to teach, show us things to learn from. I am a positive thinker… though from time to time it will cross my
    mind what I was taught as a child about black cats, ladders, and such. I know they aren’t true… but, I remember……
    I tell myself it could be just as well a white, calico cat that is walking across my path….. and if I walk under a ladder that the worse could happen is that my hair would get messed up. :)))

  15. Fantastic, Corinne! I’m not a lefty, but the left side of the bed is the one I always get out on because Danny is on my right. 🙂 Loved how you pointed out the Latin and French roots for the word “left” – amazing how superstitious and, dare I say, prejudiced our ancestors were about left-handed folks. I suppose there are cultures who are still suspicious of lefties; just glad I don’t live in one!
    Kudos and blessings, my friend!

  16. I’m not crazy about cats. I love dogs. Did you know black dogs get adopted much less than any other color. That must be true for black cats too, I suppose. But no, I’m not superstitious. Though I sort of honor my grandmother by alluding to some of her superstitions sometimes. I like the one about an itch on the right palm means you’re getting money and you must put your hand in your pocket for it to happen. So, when my palm itches, it goes in my pocket. I haven’t tracked it to see if it’s true, but I strongly suspect it’s not.

  17. Oh, yes.

    There are a lot of superstitions out there (especially in India!).

    I still don’t know whether I should believe in superstitions or not (those questions still allure me). Same goes for questions concerning God.

    Anyways, I do agree with the world treating lefties in a bad manner (but, is that the same scenario now? I think the topic these days is all about homosexuality and that sort of stuff).

    Oh, there is always discrimination.

    Against somebody or some group.

  18. There was a time when I was very superstitious ( I am referring to my childhood and teenage days ) where I believed everything that was told to be and adhered to it blindly. But now thanks to the various books that I have read I don’t believe in all this. Though sometimes I do indulge in such activities only to respect someone else’s belief as I cannot afford to hurt them!

  19. I do not believe in any superstitions, I have learnt to believe that every day is gift from the almighty, so it does not really matter which side of the bed I get up. About cats – I heard about it as a child, but today I no longer believe. After my son’s death, there is cat that visits us regularly in the morning and also in the evening hours.

    Both my husband and my mother in law have become attached to this cat and they love it. They communicate everyday and speak to the cat, as if they are speaking to my son.

    I find it very uncomfortable coz it is associated with my son Emmanuel – I love my son and I feel terrible that he should be compared to an animal. ( I have nothing against animals) Added to this, there are also some birds that visit us in the early hours, a few pigeons, some crows and few more little sparrows and some very tiny birds – they come and sit on the compound wall, and eat whatever food is kept there. (Both my husband and mother in law keep whatever food is prepared at home at Emmanuel”s photograph).

    I find it very difficult to follow these rituals, so i do not follow anything. Of late I have started feeling that there could be some connections to these new things that are happening . I am in the process of exploring… …. I am not still very clear…. your blog triggered me to share.. .. thanks for posting..

  20. Wonderful! I enjoyed learning the various words for left at the beginning.:) I am not very superstitious, or at least I don’t think I am. If I am, I haven’t encountered any situation yet. However I do enjoy reading about old superstitions…some cultures have so many genuinely fascinating ones!

  21. I think it is all in our head, these superstitions can affect us only if we let it control us. I wear all stones and believe me I never thought much of them. I dont like cats much either, I adore dogs. I have broken so many of these superstitions over the years. I was told never to wash or cut hair or nail on the day of my birthday, that is Monday. I do just that knowing full well it is a Monday. It is almost like taunting bad luck but surprisingly nothing untoward had happened so far. So, it is all in the head. Nice post, Corinne.

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