I Am Worth It
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I Am Worth It

In the past year, I’ve been doing a lot of healing and working on my self-esteem. I realise that when we know our value we find it easy to make good decisions in every area of our life. Taking the time to appreciate myself is very important because I am worth it.

I have stopped looking for admiration and applause from others and realised that apart from a couple of people, no one else’s opinion about me matters.

I wanted to become famous to prove I was a worthy person, but eventually I realised only you can make yourself feel worthy.

Davina McCall

Because I Am Worth It I…

  • Am not afraid to look at my true feelings.
  • Stand up for myself and never let anyone treat me badly.
  • Walk away from people who are not good from me.
  • Enjoy my own company.
  • Know that there is more to life than reaching a goal.
  • Don’t always have to be right.
  • Let myself off when I make a mistake.
  • Consider that my contribution is important; my input counts.
  • Deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Prioritise with my significant others.
  • Refuse to tie myself up in guilty knots.
  • Value my time and will not waste it in toxic relationships.
  • Respect the fact that I will not always be at my best.
  • Don’t always need to be in control.
  • Understand my need to relax and enjoy myself.
  • Can take life as it comes, and go with the flow.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and it is something that I am constantly working at to make true in my life.

This is Day 5 of My 66-day Journey of Healing Through Writing and Sharing.

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