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How We Heal By Alexandra Elle

At the start of this year, having chosen ‘heal’ as my word of the year, I started gathering resources to help my healing. I soon found that How We Heal by Alexandra Elle was a highly recommended read. Today I want to write about this lovely book.

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In “How We Heal,” wellness author and teacher Alexandra Elle skillfully navigates readers through the intricate paths of their healing journeys, incorporating personal narratives, thought-provoking journal prompts, and empowering exercises at every turn.

The book has four distinct sections — “Starting From Scratch,” “Befriending Your Fear,” “Reclaiming Your Power,” and “Healing Your Heart” — offering readers a comprehensive roadmap to establish a profound connection with their inner child.

Elle advocates for self-forgiveness as a transformative act of self-love, creating room for new beginnings and reshaping personal narratives. Describing it as a challenging but crucial choice, she believes that granting oneself forgiveness leads to a gradual softening over time, fostering deeper self-love and enabling individuals to engage with the world intentionally and grounded in personal choices.

According to Elle, forgiving oneself can lead to self-transformation and a fresh start in life. She views it as a challenging yet crucial decision, explaining that forgiving oneself leads to personal growth, self-acceptance, and purposeful interactions with others.

The significance of community in the healing process is a recurring theme in “How We Heal.” Elle shares not only her own experiences but also the stories of 13 influential women known for their intentional approach to healing. Noteworthy figures such as Glennon Doyle, Megan Rapinoe, Tabitha Brown, Nneka Julia, and Chriselle Lim Nedra Tawwab, Morgan Harper Nichols, Dr. Thema Bryant, Barb Schmidt, contribute diverse perspectives and their own stories, reinforcing the book’s underlying message of shared empowerment.

Elle underscores the importance of authenticity in sharing personal truths and stories as a powerful aspect of the healing process, aligning with the book’s tagline: “When we heal ourselves, we heal our lineage. Healing is an act of community care.”

The book also emphasizes the holistic nature of healing, encouraging readers to connect with their physical bodies through practices like meditation, naps, various breathing techniques, and daily walks.

“How We Heal” encourages readers to embrace self-love, reconnect with their inner child, and navigate a non-linear path toward introspection.

Elle acknowledges that healing is an ongoing journey, urging readers to persist even in the face of self-doubt or fear. In these moments, she shares a simple mantra from her own breathwork: “That is my breath. I am alive. I’m not dead. I can breathe. Let’s breathe through this.”

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This is Day 14 of My 66-day Journey of Healing Through Writing and Sharing

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