How to eat out healthily

Guilt free dining: How to eat out healthily

In the comfort of your own home, your diet might be the best in the world. As soon as you venture outside of your front door, everything nosedives though.

This is a common problem among people who are looking to lead a healthier life. In their own home, they are armed with everything to make the right choices. However, as soon as they step outside of their own walls, they are surrounded by everything that can point them towards the wrong choices.

How to eat out healthily

Guilt free dining: How to eat out healthily

This couldn’t be truer when it comes to eating out. Fortunately, there are tricks to help you along your way and whether you are eating out in Covent Garden, or a completely different side of London, here are some suggestions to help you dine out healthily.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

It might be something of a cliché, but never underestimate the power of planning when it comes to dining out. Before each and every meal, you should look to study the menu. What does this do? Well, if you leave it until you arrive at the restaurant before making your choice, you are more likely to make spur of the moment decisions that are ultimately not healthy. By planning in advance, you can take in all of the nutritional information and make an informed choice.

The power of water

No, this isn’t more advice about the importance of staying hydrated. Instead, it’s about how water can make you fill fuller.

If you drink water before and during your meal, studies have found that you are more likely to consume less calories. Of course, when we say water, we really mean water. We don’t mean sweetened drinks, or anything else which contains umpteen calories.

It’s not just about the food – it’s about how it is cooked

On the face of it, chicken is very healthy. After all, this contains little fat and has plenty of protein.
However, the end result of this chicken depends a lot on how it is cooked. If it is fried, it goes without saying that it contains a lot more calories than it really should. As such, make sure you study the menu to ensure that everything is cooked in accordance with your diet.

Slow and steady, wins the race

Sure, it can be difficult when you are particularly hungry. However, you should try as hard as you can to ensure that you chew your food slowly. The longer you take to eat your food, the quicker you are going to feel full. Let’s not forget that the brain takes around twenty minutes to register food, so eating your meals in record speeds is just going to leave it wanting more.

Coffee trumps desert

Admittedly, it can be difficult to resist some of the desserts that are on offer in London restaurants. However, for the simple reason of calorie counting, try as hard as you can. Opt for a coffee instead, with this giving you at least a little boost but without all of the sugar and calories.

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  1. Water offers the healthiest solution, I agree. I will try to have my coffee without pastry for better health which matters in today’s age of temptation, Corinne. This post offers valuable tips on eating out in a healthy manner and making the chicken in a proper way.

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