Gratitude At The End Of The Year
Gratitude -  My 66-day Journey of Healing Through Writing and Sharing

Gratitude At The End Of The Year

We’re on the second last day of 2023 and it seems fitting to be giving thanks at the end of the year. My word of the year theme for this month was healing with gratitude. There was so much to be thankful for this month and more so through the year.

Feeling gratitude for the life we have, despite all its darkness, can be difficult to achieve. But if you do, then you will feel the healing energy gratitude can have.

Karin Sieger

As the year ends, I’m thinking about the good things that happened. I’m really thankful for some important stuff:

Love: I’m grateful for the love from my husband, and affection from friends. It’s what keeps me going.

Kindness and Support : I’m thankful for the people who’ve had my back and for the smallest acts of kindness from loved ones, friends and strangers even. The fact that I’m on target to finish this 66-day challenge tomorrow is because of the support of my husband and you, dear reader.

Inspiration: I’ve found motivation in different things—like books, nature, and how I see some people lives their lives and go after their dreams.

Learning: Every day teaches me something new. Access to information is something I am always grateful for.

Difficult Days: I’ve managed to make it through some low days this year. And I’m grateful for all they’ve taught me about myself.

Healing: Focusing on healing from the past has made a huge difference to my life this year. I’ve learned so much about myself and will continue to be open to healing in the days ahead.

Faith : I am grateful that my faith has been made strong in this year. I’ve learn to go with the flow a lot more. I’ve been kinder to myself and tried to be more compassionate to others.

Courage : Standing up for myself and for others (including vulnerable dogs) is something I’m applauding myself for. Having the courage to look inward with honesty and make myself vulnerable is also something I’m proud of.

Community : My small efforts to build community have paid off. The Silent Book Club meeting is something I look forward to every month.

2023 has been a good year overall.

I’m grateful in advance for 2024 and looking forward to it with anticipation.

True gratefulness is courage to give thanks for a gift before unwrapping it.

— Br. David Steindl-Rast

I would love to hear what you are most grateful for in 2023?

This is Day 65  of My 66-day Journey of Healing Through Writing and Sharing.

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