gratitude all around me

Gratitude All Around Me

Gratitude before me,
gratitude behind me,
gratitude to the left of me,
gratitude to the right of me,
gratitude above me,
gratitude below me,
gratitude within me,
gratitude all around me.

– Angeles Arrien
gratitude all around me

Gratitude All Around Me

As the year draws to a close, I’m filled with gratitude for every person and every experience that has been a part of my 2018. I’m grateful for the pain, the loss, the hurt, the feeling of despondency and being let down. I’m grateful too for love, inspiration, affection, support and the feelings of being enough.

I want to be at a place where I have gratitude all around me – that my response to every situation or person should be one of gratitude, realizing that every person and everything comes into our lives for a purpose.

Whatever happened over this past year. Be thankful for where it brought you. Where you are is where you’re meant to be.

Here are a couple of year end gratitude ideas from the internet:

From Unknown To Expert:

See gratitude on paper
With paper and pens (a bunch of colours of course) answer these questions:

  • This year I am most grateful for:
  • The five things I’m grateful for this year:
  • The person I am most grateful for is:
  • Three other people who touched me this year are:
  • The things I did this year for other people include:
  • The things I feel most blessed to have in my life now are:

From Adela Rubio

Write a thank you letter

Think of your clients and colleagues, friends and family, those folks who have been especially kind to you but you may not have expressed your gratitude yet.

Plan a brief gratitude session to write a letter thanking these individuals. You could buy some artful postcards and write personal notes. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to whip each one up. Or, if you’d like to focus on your business colleagues and clients you could write a blog post thanking them and sharing links back to their websites.

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