grateful perspectives

Grateful Perspectives | Five Minute Friday

Sometimes life is difficult. It’s hard to get through each day. This has been especially true for many of us during the pandemic. While those of us who are introverts don’t really feel the effects of not socialising (perhaps, we’re secretly grateful for it), others are finding it really tough. There are plenty of other reasons why we might be struggling with life. Sometimes we’re overcome by grief. Other times we never seem to catch a break – lurching from one crisis to another. Over the years, I’ve learned to look at things through the lens of gratitude. I’ve learned to find what Kristi Nelson calls grateful perspectives.

I find that with gratitude accepting every that happens to us is possible.

Grateful Perspectives

grateful perspectives

Now gratitude is not a simple attitude of thanks for all the good things we have, although sometimes we struggle with that too. But an attitude of thanks for what we don’t have. An attitude of gratefulness for all the challenges and the not so great stuff that is part of our life. That’s what I like to call radical gratitude!

What doesn’t work for me is making a list of all the things I’m grateful for. I was one of the people who started the monthly Gratitude Circle in which we shared things we’re grateful for in the month just past. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the lists or the gratitude journals, they just aren’t meaningful for me any longer.

Also, I try my best not to do ‘comparative gratitude’. For example, I don’t really like the food choices I have, but I’m grateful that I have food when so many others don’t.

I believe that having a grateful perspective on life is saying: this is me, this is my life – the gift that I’ve been given. I’m absolutely grateful for every minute of it and I’m going to live it to the full. I’m going to laugh hard, love generously and grieve deeply and be the best I can be.

Gratitude makes living a full life possible.

“Grateful perspectives do not protect us from the challenges of life, but they do offer us the means to navigate them.”

– Kristi Nelson

PS: I’ve just finished reviewing Wake Up Grateful – read my review here.


This post was written in response to Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday prompt – Possible

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5 Comments on “Grateful Perspectives | Five Minute Friday

  1. This is such a coincidence Corinne – I was laying in bed last night really thinking deeply about this whole gratitude thing and feel the same way as you about some aspects. Gratitude always fills me upevery single night when I’m in a hot shower and the a safe, comfortable bed. I used to take those things for granted but as I’ve got older I know these things are privileges, even if we’ve worked hard to get them. Having the ability to provide these things for ourselves is something else to be grateful. Not everyone has the kind of start in life that gives them the tools/skills/confidence we need to be self-sufficient. My gratitude revolves around those kinds of gifts rather than being grateful for ‘stuff’. Thanks for this article. I know I’m not here much but my time is very stretched out between the competing demands of my mum (just turned 93 this week!) and all the other things I want/need to do. I get the feeling from your remarks at the start of this article things have been hard for you this last year. I can totally relate to that, I have found it hard to the point of finding life almost unbearable in fleeting moments and I wonder how on earth people in high rise blocks with no gardens are coping. Much love to you Corinne. xxx

  2. An attitude of thanks for all challenges and even for our tribulations, I agree Corinne. It is radical yes but that’s what shall make us grounded and jump to conquer. It can be complex but what an interesting perspective you have put, Corinne.

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