Happiness Challenge Day 2-Go Outside
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Happiness Challenge Day 2: Go Outside

Sometime back I shared with you details about Ingrid Kelada’s book, 21 Days to Happiness: Increase your Happiness, Productivity and Energy.  I’m so happy that Ingrid chose Everyday Gyaan to be part of the 21 Days to Happiness E-Learning Launch and 3 Day Happiness Challenge. Today, she’s sharing how important it is for us to go outside to be happy!

Happiness Challenge Day 2: Go Outside

Take Time to Enjoy Nature

Welcome to day two of the Happiness Challenge! If you missed Day One, you can still pop back to A Mama’s Corner of the World and complete the first challenge. Follow the challenge to all three different blogs where you’ll learn tips to bring you greater happiness, energy and productivity that are so easy, you can do them in less than five minutes.

Today’s Happiness Challenge is one of my favorite happiness habits, and best of all, it’s free! Today, your Happiness Challenge is to go outside. Take a walk on your coffee break. Try taking the dog for a stroll down a street you don’t normally walk. Eat lunch outside. Whatever works for you and gets you outdoors.

Happiness Challenge Day 2-Go Outside

How Nature Improves Our Happiness

Sometimes, just getting away from the noise of machines—the hum of computer fans or the rumble of car engines—helps clear our minds. Going outside allows our bodies to relax and reconnect with the natural rhythm and energy of the world around us. It gives us a chance to breathe fresh air. Exercise and cooler air gets our hearts pumping and makes us feel more awake and alert.

While you spend time outside, breathe deeply. Look at the sky. Notice how big the world is, how limitless the sky feels. Listen to the sounds of nature around you, and let them recharge you.

The sky, the sun, the ocean, rain and sunshine, all are there for us to enjoy.  You can stare at the sky at any time and claim all of it for your happiness. For that moment, it is all yours.

Let your time in nature alter your perspective on your problems. The universe, the earth even, is far bigger than our worries. Time away from our usual routines also gives us a break and lets our minds rest instead of running on the hamster wheel, rehashing a worrisome situation over and over.

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In this interactive approach, each “Day” features resources like apps to try, videos to watch for deeper understanding, space for journaling your observations, and tools to help you master these new habits in just a few minutes per day.

About 21 Days to Happiness Interactive E-Learning Program

go outside

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About Ingrid Kelada, psychologist and happiness expert

Ingrid Kelada

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website | Email | Linked-In

Ms. Ingrid Kelada is an experienced psychologist and happiness expert. Her goal is to inspire people and change their lives.

She is proud of her recent Amazon bestseller book 21 Days to Happiness. She is a speaker and has facilitated over 1000 workshops all over the world.

People find her to be pragmatic, inspiring and funny!

She has set up an online personality questionnaire store to help people identify their talents and interests and live their best life.

She lives in Montreal with her husband, son and dog.

With over 25 years experience, she offers her expertise and advice to a wide range of clients. She is bilingual and a member of the professional association of Psychologists of Quebec.

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7 Comments on “Happiness Challenge Day 2: Go Outside

  1. If you went outside my home right now, you would be facing snow squalls and winds gusting up to to about 40km an hour. So I will not take your advice right now! But, I agree that being in nature is a necessity for all of us. When the weather is good, I soak it up!

  2. Sounds like fun things to do in breaking the monotony irking us. I like the idea of going out and feel the fresh air wafting. For me, trip to the coffee shop works where I find myself and now think gonna buy some beer for tonight to let the moment of stillness sink in. Thanks for writing about it and shall reflect on ways to beat stress hands down.

  3. This seems like a fantastic idea especially since we all spend so much time holed up indoors, hooked onto our gadgets most of the time. I’m tempted to know more about this.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with what you have said. I worked from home 2 Days this week as I was sick. Oh the second day, I was feeling better and I felt the need to go for a walk, or just outside because I missed going out and walking. There is a big park near my place and I enjoyed the windy weather as I went for a walk. It made me feel so good. Being among nature definitely clams down the soul.

  5. I love my time with Nature. And by nature, I even looks at my plants in my little balcony, the piece of sky from where i stay. I feel that beauty is around us. It’s up to us to see it.

  6. My mom has been reading a book lately about a possible connection between kids with attention deficit issues and a lack of time spent in nature. I don’t remember the details, but I found the idea really interesting. I definitely see in my own life an increase in tension and anxiety when I don’t spend enough time outside.

    Thanks for being part of the happiness challenge! Sorry it took me so long to come by and comment on your post. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the holiday season.

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