giving myself time to pause
Mindfulness - Self Acceptance and Self Care

Giving Myself Time To Pause

Today, as a practice in self-care and mindfulness, I am giving myself time to pause.

As I take a moment for a deep breath, I find myself thinking about how I present myself to the world—what I choose to reveal and what I keep hidden. Where can I begin to show more of my true self?

Giving Myself Time To Pause

Today I engage in self-reflection about my identity—my fears, my love, the aspects I want to share with the world, and even those I haven’t contemplated in a while.

I think about these prompts that I came across some time ago and answer them without editing .

I am….

I am a child of the Universe. A woman who is constantly growing and learning and trying to live as authentically as possible.

I am not…..

I am not consistent about doing the things I really want to do. I am not as focused as I would like to be.

I come from….

I come from God and it is my faith in Him that has kept me going through my life, even during those times that I felt hopeless and not worthy of grace and love.

I dream…..
I dream of a world where the poor, the weak, the vulnerable – people, children, animals – can have their rights and dignity restored.

I hope….

I hope that I have the courage to live a full life, making a small difference to people through my choices, my words and my actions.

I love…

Apart from my husband and our dog and the few friends I have, I love people who stand up for the truth, who speak without counting the cost.

I fear…..

I fear that the world, especially my country, is heading towards anarchy and terrible times as the hatred, greed and injustice grows – encouraged by the powerful and evil forces that rule it.

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”

Taken during one of my walks last week

Would you like to answer these prompts too? I’d love to see your responses, if you do. ♥

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5 Comments on “Giving Myself Time To Pause

  1. This one made me ponder. It’s so open and honest. I think I would have a few answers that would match yours especially the fear of our country and the world moving towards anarchy and hate.

      1. I get what you are saying. My morning pages are full of ideas for posts and stories. They have been hiding there too long, me thinks! Time to raise our voices again even if it goes unheard. Someone somewhere will hear it and will pick up the flag and take it forward long after we are gone.

  2. Taking time to pause is critical for our mental and emotional health. If we’d do it more often, perhaps we’d respond more and react less. Preaching to myself. 🙂 Love this post, Corinne.

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