fixing the taps
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Fixing The Taps! #FridayReflections

Recently the flow of water in our kitchen sink reduced to a trickle and was causing a lot of inconvenience. Washing the dishes was a huge nuisance. We assumed that the problem was due to some repairs being undertaken in our apartment building. We managed as best we could for about a week. When the lady in the apartment below ours also started complaining, we decided to get in the plumber to fix the problem.

fixing the taps


Fixing The Taps

The plumber came in and all he did was unscrew the nozzle of the tap, and take out some sediment that had collected there. The water pressure was back to normal and it took him all of two minutes to do that! I must tell you we felt a little foolish for having ‘endured’ a week of low water pressure – when we could have solved the problem ourselves.
This incident made me think of how often we learn to live with low-energy on a day-to-day basis. We don’t work our optimum, when all it might take to get our energy levels back to normal may be a little change in lifestyle.

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8 Comments on “Fixing The Taps! #FridayReflections

  1. How true Corinne, how true. So many of us are not open to change and that’s the necessary part, to be willing to execute change for great gain.

  2. lol I hate when I do something like that. I am not a fix it guy lol. My wife actually owns the tool box in our house..Give me a camera or the kitchen I’m ok but you don’t want me fixing many things lol.


  3. Change I am told is one of the hardest things to engage in. On the other hand, if I do not change, I will become rigid and stubborn. Growing up in Cairo, we lugged water up the stairs for years from lower floors. Water pressure was a huge problem for a while. You adjust and adapt. I keep doing Yoga just to stay supple and adaptable instead stiff and unyielding. :)) Great post!

  4. Oh I need to rid myself of sediments too. Hmmm… a change of lifestyle indeed Corinne. Oh why do we insist on making life complicated when it could be very easy? Loved it :*

  5. Like others I too need to do this and AM.   Again like others there is too much noise in my life to get to the things that matter to me…It is surprisingly hard to move and clean and streamline a life.    It’s doable but it’s like going on a diet, once your start you have to stick to it and stay away from the carbs..  Corinne, you never fail to inspire me or leave me determine to stick to my guns about something.  A cosmic connection between San Francisco and you..

  6. I think my taps could use a little sediment removal too.   Corinne, you have a gift for turning
    ordinary, everyday events into parables and life lessons.   What a blessing!   

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