5 tips to face Face Uncertainity With Ease
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Face Uncertainty With Ease #MondayMusings

If your life feels like a never-ending series of ‘might be’s’ and you feel uncertain about the future with every step that you take, here’s something for you. How then do we face uncertainty with ease and calm?

5 Tips to Face Uncertainty With Ease

Ditch Expectations and Focus on Plans

The reason most of us end up disappointed and unhappy is simply because we build expectations- from other people, ourselves and life. The idea behind living life must not be to expect- it should be to work and focus on plans and goals. Spend time on what you can do rather than crossing fingers and hoping for things to work.

Embrace and Let Go

One of the simplest ways to deal with uncertainty is to embrace the situation over which they have no control. This may be a lot more difficult to do, but it is necessary. When faced with uncertainty, a lot of us tend to overthink and paint a picture worse about the situation than it is. Remind yourself that the situation you are in right now has come to you to teach you some valuable lessons. Embrace it instead of struggling with it.

5 tips to face Face Uncertainity With Ease

Build your Coping Skills

Each one of us has a unique coping mechanism for dealing with stress and anxiety- some may be healthy, and others, not so much. Focus on building some healthy ways to cope with uncertainty in your life- experiment with different techniques and see what works best for you. For some, it may be meditation, for others, it may be pet therapy and for some others, journaling may help!

Observe your Feelings

You’ll be surprised at how much this little technique can work wonders in changing things. Pay attention to your feelings about the situation rather than the situation itself. Try to analyze it- how it arises, what aggravates it and what makes those uncomfortable feelings go away. The more you observe your feelings, the better your control will be over it.

Don’t Dwell

Easier said than done, right? Well, it takes time and serious effort to develop the ability to be detached from situations, especially negative ones, but you can do it- if you want to! Try to look for healthy distractions that help you avoid fixating on your problems. Focus on actions that help you better yourself on an individual level- not pertaining to the situation you’re going through.

Practise Mindfulness

Practising mindfulness on a  daily basis can transform your life in more ways than one. It can make you a healthier person- both physically and mentally, and yes, also help you face uncertainty. The more you can master the ability to live in the moment and appreciate it, the more you’ll be able to tackle your fears about the future and things you have little or no control over. 

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  1. Great ways to stay in the moment and let go in tackling uncertainty wringing restlessness. Very well said Corinne and we need to slowly work on things Take one thing at a time is a sure way rather than planning so many thing in a day that we end up doing zilch,

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