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Examining My Phobia

Yesterday I shared with you my phobia. I realized that as I was looking for pictures of the gecko for the post, it made me feel all creepy.  I didn’t have same reaction looking at pictures of snakes, frogs or rats. Perhaps, this phobia needed to be looked at more carefully, I thought. I’m examining my phobia.

Imagine my surprise when out of the blue this morning I came across this article – Empowerment Through Fear: Wild Things In Your Bathtub.  It made me re-look at my phobia.

Examining My Phobia

The article suggests the following steps:

1. Think of a creature you fear. – Done

  1. Imagine all its qualities — scary, powerful, mundane. If it helps, look up its mythology online.

I  began to search for all the mythological references to the gecko/ lizard. So far I can find mostly positive references to lizards in the mythology of various cultures.

I know that in India a lizard coming in to the puja room is considered to be a good sign.

In Native American mythology lizards are associated with healing and survival, protection of children, prosperity, renewal and good luck.

In ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology they represented wisdom and good fortune.

Early Christians put the lizard together with other reptiles which were seen as evil. However, St Gregory ‘the Great’ observing the lizards penchant for basking long in the sun, said that it might represent ‘the soul that humbly seeks enlightenment’.

Perhaps I am now ready to move on the other steps suggested.

  1. Now ask yourself: which of these qualities would help you in your life?

  2. Which qualities do you already possess?

  3. Consider taking this animal with you this week. Approach your work, life, and relationships with your ‘wild thing’ in mind.

I will share my journey with you in the days ahead.

Perhaps you could embark on a similar journey with your phobias? 

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