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Every Yes Changes Something In Me

I’ve been looking back on February 2021 and I decided to answer these three questions by Emily P Freeman to share what’s been happening through the month. With my Word of The Year for 2021 being ‘Yes’, I think it’s important that I try to record every yes that I say.

Every Yes Changes Something In Me

“Every “yes” changes something in me. Every “yes” is a bit more transformative. Every “yes” sparks some new phase of revolution.”

— Shonda Rhimes

Name something newly important to you.

This might sound odd, but something that’s newly important, or has once again become important is for me to write every day. So although I might not actually publish a post every day, I’m writing at least one a day. In January, I decided to be brave and say ‘yes’ to writing and posting 28 days at a stretch for the #Write28Days challenge. However, as the month went on and we struggled with our very ill dog, doing the challenge seemed impossible. But then, Pablo passed on 31st January, and I knew I just had to say ‘yes’ to the challenge, if only to keep sane.

Since the challenge was based on prompts, it pushed me to think of creative ways to interpret them. You might find an interesting one on the prompt ‘resemble‘ or ‘hibernate‘.

every yes
Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels.com

What was a moment of heartache in February?

At the risk of repeating myself. The saddest part of my February was feeling the loss of Pablo. Having had him for 12 years, it was so hard to come to terms with him not being around. Reminders of him are all around our house and so many pictures of him that kept coming up on my phone. It was hard to see how our Lucky misses him too. I felt that Jose and I could talk to each other about Pablo, but how does dog deal with the grief. She fell ill too and that was scary. Thankfully, she’s better and making her own little routine!

I know the intensity of the grief will pass, but I don’t want to deny my feelings right now. I’m saying yes to being authentic about the depth of my grief.

What’s something you look forward to in March?

I’ve been going back to my studio since 1 March and am looking forward to working on the finer details of the courses I will soon be offering. They will be online until we’re completely clear of the pandemic. I’m saying yes to empowering others to discover their creativity.

Here’s my March reminder in my Bullet Journal.

every yes
every yes

How’s the month of March going for you?


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9 Comments on “Every Yes Changes Something In Me

  1. “Every ‘yes'”… my first response is: “What about the “no” I give more often than I care to admit? They create a change in me too and that depends upon what I say no to…if it against God’s will, it is a terrible change, but if according to His will, there is a change with relief, excitement, peace, joy, calm. Lots of different reactions yet all for God’s glory. Thank you for you have given me food for thought this day.
    I have a post today but it is more theologically based than a musing so I will not post it here.

    1. What we say ‘no’ too is very important, Linda. But I guess for every ‘no’, we’re saying a ‘yes’ too. When I say ‘no’ to an opportunity, I’m saying ‘yes’ to my fears, for example. Thank you for your visit. It’s much appreciated.

  2. Corinne, I too often skip over posts that might be bubbly. I like positive but I don’t do bubbly. But yours called out and said,”I’m different.” I’m getting back to yes too. Your post describes an almost parallel course per posting again, per writing, per looking forward. The past year has been challenging, but you are so right, so on target. Yes creates actions that can give purpose. Thanks.

  3. This is what I have learnt lately, saying “yes” to unlearning and relearning.
    A wonderful reminder for being on track. All the best Corrine for your March YES!

  4. I am so sorry about the loss Corinne and it’s true never easy for dog dealing with the loss of a companion. It’s something where I would like to see people writing about and got a friend having a pet’s website. It’s something perhaps you can explore. My writing has gone for a toss too and how I wish could write every single day like earlier. On grief, I believe we need to take our own time if we must to grieve. Honestly, it gets to me when people say that You should move on!

  5. I am having a beautiful March, especially after an ailing February which saw me visiting the doctor and getting blood tests and scan done. There are one or two niggling issues that need to be worked upon consistently in the long run. The one thing that I said Yes to this week was taking to my blog for putting out my crochet work for sale. Your advice, from a few weeks ago, had been at the back of my mind to make a page dedicated to crochet on the blog. Since I am used to holding myself back, coming out this way feels courageous to me. I had quite an exciting day yesterday 🙂

  6. The only constant in Feb and March 2021 has been my art. My 100-day challenge. Something new this year is my art and my desire to be consistent in something at least. 🙂 I said “Yes” to both of these. It is so easy to say “no”, I have realized this now.

  7. Hugs, Corinne. I am curious to know more about the courses, though I have no time left for anything at the moment.
    I am having a mixed March so far – down with cold and headache most of the days, busy, and preparing for some changes that are coming up soon. I am finding time to write again.

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