Every Day Is A Gift

When we go deeper into the practice of gratitude we start to experience every day as a gift.

Every Day Is A Gift

When I think of a day as a gift, even the things we take for granted become extraordinary. Breath, the sense of touch, water, the sense of taste, sunrise, sunset – all of these cannot be taken for granted. Instead, I am able to savour them and treat them as life’s abundant blessings.

And on days when my mind is clouded with uncertainity, pain, challenge, I can embrace these too and live wholeheartedly.

What I Am Grateful For In January

As I approach the end of the month, I am grateful for the gift of life. For every experience, every person, every learning that has been a part of this month.

I’m grateful that I learned to be a lot more focused and yet flexible. I tried to weigh every experience and understand my own feelings around it.

I was more reflective and thoughtful in January and began to give myself more room to heal.

There were some stressful and seemingly unnecessary experiences – but they served to remind me how I have learned to deal with toxicity.

Connecting with friends – and especially being able to meet an old friend who was visiting was something to be grateful for.

I was able to reach out to a couple of people with assistance when they needed it. A great reminder of the abundance that I am blessed with.

The kindness of people who reached out to me through the month made me feel blessed too.

I had a strange experience with my writing. I considered getting off Instagram, but then decided to put out a post every day. That several people reached out to say how this writing resonated with them, caught me by surprise. Gratitude for the experience and the kindness of people to let me know.

One of the best things about the month is always our wedding anniversary. José  and I celebrated our 16th quietely. I’m always grateful for his love, support and presence in my life.

Tomorrow, we especially remember our lovely Pablo, who passed away on 31 January,two years ago. He was such a gift of love to us and Lucky. Grief teaches us too and for this I am grateful.

What are you grateful for in January?

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One comment on “Every Day Is A Gift

  1. I love your Instagram posts, Cory. And I’m glad we manage to speak now and then.

    Congrats to you and Josè. 16 beautiful years of togetherness, and to multiple more.

    This post resonated too, I feel so grateful for January. It’s brought so much hope and healing.

    Pablo prances around in doggy heaven chasing the bees and the butterflies and watching over Lucky, you and Josè.

    Love and laughter. xoxo

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