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Drink More Water

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This year, as you’ve probably read in my ‘Word of The Year’ post, I’ve decided to focus on myself – my health and well-being. In my 20 for 2020 list, I’ve shared decisions that will help me make health a priority. I plan to do a series of wellness and personal development courses to spin off from my list. Today I will focus my decision to drink more water. 

One of the best ways I can get healthy is to lose weight steadily. Yes, I know I’ve talked about it for years, but a health setback last year, has made me very serious about this. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Noom promoting a healthy lifestyle. When you join Noom you will be in contact with a personal Coach to help guide you to your health goals.  Have you tried it? I might soon undertake Noom’s 14 Day Trial! Will keep you posted if I do.

So far, I’ve been walking and skipping unhealthy food choices (as far as possible!). I now realize that drinking water adequate water is as important as exercise and eating healthy.

Why I Want To Drink More Water

1. Reduces My Desire to Snack

Often, I think I’m hungry when I’m actually thirsty. By filling up on water between meals, my stomach informs my brain that it’s full, reducing the desire to snack!

A study was done on 50 overweight female participants, who were instructed to drink 500 ml of water, three times a day 30 min before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The 1.5 L water intake was over and above their daily water intake and was continued for 8 consecutive weeks. It was found that the excessive water intake helped in weight reduction, body fat reduction, and appetite suppression.

2. Keeps my energy levels up and improves work

Dehydration leads to fatigue, dizziness, weakness and electrolyte imbalance. Making sure that I’m not dehydrated is a great way to stay healthy. 

3. Keeps Me From Drinking Unhealthy Stuff

By drinking lots of water, I avoid sugary soft drinks which add on calories and don’t even quench my thirst.

4. Flushes my system and improves digestion

Regular intake of water keeps me from picking up a UTI or run the risk of kidney problems. Also, water with fiber keeps me from constipation – a condition we all can do without! 😉

5. Keeps My Mood Up

Drinking adequate water makes sure that I don’t get cranky. Research shows that being dehydrated can make people grumpy and confused. 

6. Reduces Joint Pains 

Water keeps cartilage soft and hydrated thereby reducing joint pain and taking away my excuse not to exercise! 

Like everything else, too much of a good thing can be harmful, so I’m not going over the top – but sticking to about 9 glasses a day. Also, a quick word, that water consumption in case you have a kidney problem or a heart illness, should be regulated based on your doctor’s advice. 

How I’m Making Sure I Drink More Water

Here are simple things I’m doing to ensure adequate, regular and timely consumption of water:

1. Keeping a Bottle of Water Handy 

I’m making sure that I keep a bottle of water by my bedside, at the dining table and the first thing I do at work is fill up my glass and bottles. Since it’s winter, I’ve not been carrying a bottle of water on my walks, but I’m going to be adding that soon. 

2. Setting Up Reminders to Drink Up

I haven’t tried this yet, but since I often get so caught up at my desk and get too lazy to refill, I might set up reminders through the day to drink water, green tea etc. 

3. Snack on raw veggies and fruit

Since these are dense with water and make a healthier snack than fried stuff or processed foods, I’m eating a lot of fruit and raw veggies.

By staying hydrated I’m making sure that I’m staying healthy and giving my weight loss efforts a better chance. I’m also going to try to lose weight for good with Noom. You can log exercises, blood sugar, blood pressure on the Noom app and that’s really going to be a big help with my goals.

 I was compensated for this post and this post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking my links 

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7 Comments on “Drink More Water

  1. Water is the elixir of life. It can actually get rid of so many common problems. Also drinking water prevents issues later in life. These are wonderful points and an excellent reminder to all of us to be mindful of our water intake.

  2. Drinking enough water is really important. I have experienced the difference myself. There are days when I’m stuck with some work in the lab where no water is allowed and those are the days I feel the most cranky. I’m trying to set a reminder to drink some water once every hour.

  3. Reminder to drink water is an effective way to keep having the fluid in our system to stay healthy. I wonder how much we skip drinking water which is extremely important and this post is explained in a very effective way, Corinne.

  4. I have never been a water drinker. I was well aware of the benefits, and deep down I truly desired to be a water drinker. I would envy those who when offered coffee could say “no, just a water thanks.” Or at a restaurant gave a casual, “I’m fine with my water.”

    A month ago I became very ill. To get up was difficult, and I filled a large plastic cup with water. I drank from that cup all day,and was so happy to finally develop the habit. Even after healing I try to good to carry that cup and devour it while also indulging in my coffee and meal time teas.

    Baby steps. 🙂

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