Do You Have A Mantra To Keep Calm?
#MondayMusings - Mindfulness

Do You Have A Mantra To Keep Calm? #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs

“Often our lives become so driven that we are moving through our moments to get to better ones at some later point. We live to check things off our to-do list, then fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day, only to jump up the next morning to get on the treadmill once again,” writes mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe how activity driven we have all become. I think we all need a mantra to keep calm.

Do You Have A Mantra To Keep Calm?

We certainly need ways to keep calm in the midst of our hectic lives. In our constant pursuit of perfection, we often put pressure on ourselves. We think we have the day all planned and set up and then something will come up that puts us off course! Someone irritates us and all hell breaks loose. The electricity goes off and all our plans to complete some work go awry.

Then there are special days – job interviews, pitching for a contract, undergoing a surgery, writing an exam, waiting for test results…Days when we need to keep calm.

Before embarking on important undertakings, sit quietly, calm your senses and thoughts, and meditate deeply. You will then be guided by the great creative power of Spirit. After that you should utilize all necessary material means to achieve your goal.

– Paramahansa Yogananda

My Keep Calm Mantra

Most mornings I start with gratitude and surrender. I can’t tell you how much of a difference they make to the way I look at the day ahead!

My ‘morning mantras’ go something like this:

  • I am grateful for this day and all that it will bring.
  • I’m open and receptive to all the joy and abundance of the Universe.
  • This day will bring only good things my way.

When faced with pressure situations or bad ‘things’ happening I often fall back on this mantra:

  • Everything works for good in my life.
  • I’m learning something from this experience.
  • Thank you (to the ‘Great Being Upstairs’) for this situation. I know you are in control.

Do you have a mantra to keep calm?


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12 Comments on “Do You Have A Mantra To Keep Calm? #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs

  1. At the end of the day, I try to practice winding down by reviewing the events of the day with gratitude and then turning each thing over to God in preparation for a new day. I very often am asleep before I finish, and I don’t think God minds this one bit.

  2. Your morning mantra is pretty much like the traditional Sanskrit prayer that most of us say in the morning . Starting the day with gratitude does set the tone for a good day. As for me , when things are going wrong I calm myself by saying that nothing lasts forever!

  3. Thanks for sharing the calmness mantra in a life driven by madness and indulging in a slugfest with someone over something or the other that can rob us of mental peace. I try practicing mindfulness and meditation to help me out. Love the idea of being in Control, Corinne.

  4. Very cool one Corinne – I somehow have not been able to find the surrender yet. I am pursuing yoga, pranayam and meditation in the morning hours and hoping to calm myself down with that eventually!!

  5. Hi Corinne,

    I have a few mantras too. I start my day by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and using some affirmations like:
    “I have the voice, heart, mind and soul of a Buddha.”
    “I awaken to my Buddha nature and those around me awaken to theirs.”
    “I have a towering life state.”
    “I am grateful for this day, this moment and all the blessings in my life.”

    I also work with a bubble of healing light and surround myself in one, and affirm, “Whoever comes in contact with this bubble is healed. I also affirm “Only positivity enters through this bubble to me.”

    I also do some grounding techniques and aura cleansing when I can. And yes, chakra healing too.

    When faced with a challenge I use Louise Hay’s beautiful affirmations:

    “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come.”

    “I am. ”

    Thank you for this post. You and Shinjini are mentioned in my #MondayMusings post, as you both were instrumental in propelling a few thoughts on mindfulness, that I have become one with. Gratitude. 🙂

    I am.
    All is well.

  6. I think the only mantra to keep calm is to know yourself and then do things that work towards pacifying the turmoil within. I don’t have check lists. There is one small one which is so that I don’t forget to pay bills and helps. But other than that, I ensure that I do things that are important. Work out, eat healthy, staying focused at work and spending time with family. Every other thing will find a way to fit into the schedule but I don’t push myself to check things off the list. Like cleaning, house hold chores etc. I end my day with my gratitude list for the day.
    I like that you start with positive energy. That’s a beautiful way.

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