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Dear Self – Reflections March 2024

I’d like to say that March 2024 rushed by like January and February did, but in actual fact it seemed to go on and on! It’s been quite a mix of travel, sorting out stuff, a few days of struggling with the ‘flu and then another week of just drifting. But it was still a month of learning and growth.

Here’s the letter I wrote to myself today to mark the end of the month.

31 March 2024

Dear Self

For some reason you’ve been putting off writing this letter. I’m starting to wonder if you think that you didn’t do enough in March. Or that you weren’t exactly lighthearted as you wanted to be.

But now that you’re here and you’re writing this, I want to remind you that you had a fruitful month. And you achieved quite a lot in it. Please don’t feel guilty that in the last few days of the month, you allowed your routines to slip. That you felt that you were drifting aimlessly. Those were days that you need a break. You needed to switch off and you did. There’s absolutely no shame in that.

Remember this: It takes bravery to give yourself a break and refuse to let guilt dictate your daily life. (Reshma Saujani)

Inspite of everything happening around, you kept your head and you made wise decisions for yourself and your family unti. Rejoice in that.

You are becoming more intentional in your choices and that’s something to celebrate.

I wish you all the peace and focus you need in April.



March Reflections

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

The highlights

  • Our trip to Mumbai and successfully sorting out our stuff.
  • The growth I sense within me – taking more interest and being more responsible about things that are important.
  • The support of caring people who’ve reached out in practical ways to take care of the Community dogs we used to feed.
  • A good meeting of our chapter of The Silent Book Club.

The learnings

  • Being lighthearted really means letting go and letting God – it’s a call not to carry heavy loads.
  • Guilt adds no value to our life or goals. Admit mistakes. Take responsibility. Apologise if you need to. Learn from the mistake and focus on how you can be better.

Who did you really connect with this month?

As strange as it may sound, I connected more deeply with José – trying to support him through what is a difficult and emotional time for him.

What new ideas have been tugging at your sleeve?

I’ve been looking to create a platform in which to respond to prompts, participate in challenges and even write some fiction. I finally decided to create Write Vibes on Substack.

What is your heart truly hungry for?

The mental space to create and write more.

Glimmers & Grace In March

glimmers and grace

Glimmers & Grace is an uplifting monthly feature way for me to reflect on the moments I’ve experienced a glimmer and when I’ve experienced grace (even amid challenges) in month just past.  

Gratefulness allows us to nurture a keener eye that no longer rushes past the small everyday moments that make up the larger part of our lives.

Guri Mehta
  • In this season of change, we’ve been able to be open and receptive to changes that are coming our way and trying our best to learn and adapt.
  • Our experience of grace when José fell unexpectedly ill in Mumbai and we had the sense to reach out to our doctor in Hyderabad and get treatment for him.
  • A lovely sunset moment I was blessed to experience. I reflected on it here.
  • The support of professionals who are helping us in various ways.
  • Being able to be there for others in small and simple ways.
  • Lucky’s stay at The Pet Cafe where she is treated with so much love and care – and Deven and Sonam who are so accomodating of our extending the days Lucky spent with them.
  • Meaningful discussions at The Silent Book Club meeting.
  • Friends who make a difference to us – but also are ready to stand up for their beliefs. I’m thinking especially of Sunita Saldhana.
  • Reading for pleasure – I read a lot during the month and enjoyed it all!
  • Reviving Bytes of Gyaan – my weekly newsletter on Substack.

Grateful and blessed as I move into April, I wish you love, learning and grace in the month ahead! ♥

I'm joining Marsha Ingrao's WQ #166: March 27: Beliefs/Easter/ Month-end review

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5 Comments on “Dear Self – Reflections March 2024

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely month, Corinne. I’m glad you and your husband are both getting better. We both had a healthier month in March, and as the weather warms here, we hope for continued good health in April as well. I’m taking a month off of WQ, but will be responding to poetry and photo challenges along the way. I look forward to starting back up in May. Please keep in touch. 🙂

  2. Sorry you had the flu this month yet glad you felt you still had a fruitful month (even though it would have been okay if you didn’t). Also it’s encouraging to see other people give themselves grace! We all deserve that. A statement I’m memorizing this week is: “Go easy–you may have to push forward, but you don’t have to push so hard.”

  3. I saw the title of this post and immediately came over to read it. And you know, it struck me that I too need to write a letter to myself, esp now after more than a month of being in a tough space. I need to tell so many things to me, to cheer me, and make me feel proud of the way I handled life and its curve balls.
    Thank you for this post, Corinne!

  4. I am glad to read that the monthly self reflection is giving you a better clarity, Corinne. I hope Jose is doing better now.
    Love the quote by Reshma Saujani. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am happy to read all your updates and moves (especially the new substack) … also very glad to read that Jose is feeling better and mumbai trip was a success.
    I am looking forward to your writings across blogs and substack 🙂

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