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Dear Self – Reflections – February 2024

In January, I started a Dear Self series – a monthly feature – to summarise my experiences and learnings through each month. In February 2024, I’m combining it with a new feature – Glimmers & Grace – together with a group of other bloggers.

29 February 2024

Dear Self

You are becoming braver and I love that about you!

It seems a little strange to be writing this on that one extra day this year, but what a great reminder that the world is not perfect! And you don’t have to be either.

You chose self-compassion as a theme for this month, and boy, did you need it! When there was so much anger and lies swirling around you – you (and José) took it calmly and sought out the best possible solutions. While this is an ongoing issue, finding inner superwoman, looking for the best resources and trusting your intuition to make good choices showed a lot of strength of character.

How you smiled when you read this quote from Glennon Doyle, because it was so true of both of you : “Your job, throughout your entire life, is to disappoint as many people as it takes to avoid disappointing yourself.” 😉

That you’ve stuck your neck out and done what is right both from a moral and legal stand point, not submitting to fear, shows how far you’ve come in life!

It’s not what you do, but who you become by what you do.- Anonymous

You make me proud. Rock on!

Only love


February Reflections

Like in January, I’m using the reflection questions/ suggestions in Susannah Conway’s Unravel Your Year Workbook 2024 to reflect on the month just past.

The Highlights (Glimmers)

  • Finding kind and supportive people – who I’ve not invested much in
  • The first Silent Book Club Meeting of 2024. It was good to reconnect with a friend I had lost touch with at the meeting and also have meaningful conversations with every one who attended. I’m always inspired by Raghav’s zest for life, enjoyment of simple things and just how brave he is (read his blog) !
  • Finding inner strength and making choices based on intuition – which turned out right.
  • Reconnecting with some blogging groups that encourage me to write regularly.

The Learnings

These were more like reminders – or actual experiences of what I already knew in theory :

  • Strength, wisdom and courage comes to us when we are pushed against the wall.
  • Need to let go and not focus on outcomes, but rather do the best we can with the resources we have and with the best of intentions.

How Have I Looked After Myself This Month? (Grace)

  • Reading for pleasure a lot more.
  • Not feeling guilty about incomplete projects/ tasks – but going with the flow and doing what I can in the moment.
  • Taking the time to have a haircut – that makes me feel ‘light-headed’ 😉
  • Spending quiet time
  • Keeping my phone away from the bedroom. I sleep better without the distraction of notifications and the temptation to scroll!
  • Going for evening walks with my husband.
  • Being naughty and laughing more!

What New Experiences Did I Open Up To?

This is a big one for me – reaching out and asking for help. I’ve always struggled with this, but I’m learning to let go of trying to be indebted and repay. Just ask for help and let the Universe work its magic!

What Am I Ready To Let Go Of?

The burden of staying connected to people who are dishonest – thinking I must do this for the larger good.

My ego – which I did by asking for help!

Glimmers & Grace

glimmers and grace

This month, we start – Glimmers & Grace an uplifting monthly feature in which bloggers reflect on moments of joy and grace experienced (even amid challenges) in the past month.

As I look back on my Glimmers & Grace moments in February, I’m filled with gratitude for all that I experienced.

Dear Self - February 2024
Xuan Loc Xuan

Here are some motivating words from Jody Doty that helped me through the month. A glimmer and a grace filled moment!

And somehow we get through it.  
When we think we can't take any more or move on, we do, because that's who we are and how we roll.  
We summon our will and the last drop of courage inside us.  
We open our soul's cabinet of divinity and find hope and resilience.  
We polish our sparkle from the inside out until we shine anew.  
We decide to love ourselves and others and begin again.  
Through the learning, we are wiser on the journey.  
We proudly carry on with wings of faith, an armor of authenticity and a healing heart of resiliency.  
We are the survivors who choose to thrive. Yay us! 

I hope February was kind to you. I’d love to know more about how it was for you. Do share.

everyday gyaan

Joining me for Grace & Glimmers are the following bloggers. I will update the links to their exact posts as and when they post.

  1. Balaka
  2. Esha
  3. Holly

I’m also joining Marsha Ingrao’s WQ #162: Things/Memorabilia/Month-end review

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7 Comments on “Dear Self – Reflections – February 2024

  1. Lovely post, Corinne. This actually would work for your WQ post, if you want to double dip this week and save some time for a longer walk with your husband. 🙂 Just add a link to WQ, and you’re good. 🙂

  2. It must be a pain to stay connected to people whom you know are dishonest. Your mention of getting a haircut reminds me a haircut is due for me too. Being light-headed would feel better 🙂
    My February was good. I focussed on myself whether it was my health or my need to be on my own. I did not go about asking friends to meet up in person as I had done in January without any success. I realised it is exhausting to run after friends trying to bring them out of their rabbit holes if they do not want to make an effort, just intentions are not enough. I plan to continue to focus on my health, exercise, blogging, and crocheting in March. Wishing you a Happy March, Corinne!

  3. I especially like those last two bullets:
    Going for evening walks with my husband.
    Being naughty and laughing more!
    That’s what life’s about, lady.

  4. It was so nice to read your February reflection, Corinne. I would love to see your “light-headed” haircut. Evening walks are a wonderful thing. I love that time to chat with my husband as he actually listens to me when we go for a walk. 🙂
    Wish you a wonderful March ahead, Corinne. ❤️

  5. This is lovely, Corinne. “When we can’t take any more or move on, we do because that’s who we are and how we roll.” I need to work on this quality. My husband has enough of it for both of us, but I don’t think that counts in the game of life! Sorry I was so late getting up the InLinkz. I’ll post you on this week’s post and last week’s post. 🙂

  6. I am curious to know what naughty things you did in February 😛 I also feel “light-headed” after a haircut literally. And that reminds me that I also need one soon. Thank you for linking my post. I hope you have a lovely March and we get to read another lover G&G post in April.

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