dear self may 2024
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Dear Self – May 2024

What can I say about May 2024? It seemed to go on forever! This is the first time I’ve felt the heat so much. Temperatures have gone up higher in summers before, but this heat was enervating as the humidity was also high. Sweating buckets all day long, is really not the best way to be creative. So I decided, like I mentioned in this post, to look at creativity as an exercise in learning and absorbing and thinking.

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Dear Self – May 2024

Hi Self,

As I sit here under the warm breeze of the fan, the overriding feeling is irritation. Sweating, itchy from heat rash and mosquito bites, I feel like jumping into a cool swimming pool – too bad, I don’t swim, or have access to a pool!

I’ve also got caught up with the maelstrom of the elections in India. Such a crazy situation that it’s easy to give up hope of ever getting back to sane and peaceful country! To see people actually taking pleasure in the brutal killing of Palestenian children, leaves one completely shattered. But what is left when we give up on hope?

The best part of the month for me is that I’ve been able to get a lot more focus on how I want my creativity to flow in the months ahead. I’ve put a schedule that gives me both focus and flexibility! Lots of time for things that really matter.’

I’ve also enjoyed reading a lot – some books I’ve still to complete – but I’m learning from them all the same. Some reading has been only for pleasure and I’m so glad that I can do that!

So today, as I sign off on May, I’m giving thanks for all that it brought me – both ups and downs. I’m especially grateful for love and the blessings of home and my family of choice! **

Looking forward to June 2024 – a new beginning of sorts.

Look after yourself.



** Love this quote about family – it so applies to mine :

This is my family. I found it all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah. Still good.” –Stitch

PS: This month, I’m skipping all the frills that I’ve been adding in the past months. Keeping it simple! ♥

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dear self may 2024

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5 Comments on “Dear Self – May 2024

  1. Yes, the heat is such a scorcher this year. Driving us all insane. Hoefully some semblance may happen with the election results. If not atleast we have a strong opposition. The mandate knows best.

    Hadn’t seen a post from you in a while and glad to see this.
    I wrote about Palestine too in my recent post.

    Stay hydrated and enjoy your books and creativity dear Cory.

  2. It has been a crazy month! The heat, the elections and the world in general.I am so glad you are doing things that really matter!

  3. I keep hearing about the record heat y’all are having there. I’m so sorry! And yes, the news around the world is just devastating. You’d think by now we’d be civilized enough to have ended wars, but nope. So many senseless deaths. It breaks my heart.

  4. I like the term ‘family of choice.’ Given how the election campaigning was going on, May was indeed an eventful month. Thankfully one drama has wrapped up with some infusion of hope in the current scenario, I am sure there will be more dramas in the pipeline with the coalition govt.. Has the heat subsided at your place by now?

  5. India was under a lasting blast of heat wave this time. My mom and in-laws had a terrible time putting up with the heat. I hope with the rain making its entry heat would stay at a bay now on.
    Twenty years I wouldn’t have believed that when I was forty war would still be a thing of our world if I was not alive right now. It’s terribly disheartening to see poor people getting killed over the political games. Honestly, I don’t see an end to this. All we can do is being kind to each other.
    Indian election made its waves to here too. I hope sanity wins in the end. How else can we live peacefully?
    Wish you a peaceful June, Corinne. ❤️

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