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Dear Self – June 2024

The first half of the year sped past and we’re at the end of June 2024 already! As has been my practice since the start of the year, I’m writing myself a letter summarizing the month that was.

June 2024

Dear Self

We’ve come to the close of June and also to the mid-year. It’s been an interesting 6 months, hasn’t it?

6 months

You and Jose wound down and packed up your Mumbai home. This was a task you both were dreading, but you found it was much easier than you anticipated. There are other things that you’ve been putting off that are much easier to do than you expect. Finish them. Clear the cobwebs in your head and make room for better and simpler days.

Looking back on these six months, I can see that you’ve been doing a lot of inner work. Funnily, it’s almost as if you’ve finally grown up. About time, at 58, isn’t it? 😉 But I can see you take more responsibility and try not to be defensive (an ongoing effort, no doubt!). The process of re-writing old scripts takes time, but it’s important to recognize the progress.

The start of 2024 was pretty terrible – with stuff being thrown at you both for doing what is right, both morally and legally. But you dug deep and found the strength to stand up and take steps to fight this injustice. Well done, both of you.

There have been people who have stood by and supported both of you through it all – professionals, neighbours and friends. For them, gratitude, always.

June 2024 and the Four Word Reflection

Coming to the last month, you’ve learnt a new practice – Four Word Reflection – from Sarah Westfall on Instagram. As she says, “I hope that by noticing, naming and sharing our four words, we mark our moments with intention and move into what is next, remembering that the small corners of our lives carry significance and weight.”

Your four words are: 1. Routine 2. Clarity 3. Disappointment 4. Connection. As you shared on Instagram : The highlight of the month was getting clarity on my work. The low point was the disappointment that a matter we’re working on was unduly delayed. Trying out a new and somewhat simpler routine seems to work for me. Connecting and reconnecting with some people made the month more meaningful.

This was such a simple yet profound exercise, because you had to distill the four words from the variety of experiences you had in the month.

I know you want to discuss these words separately, but I want to share how during your Morning Pages practice, you found inspiration to simplify your routine and make it easier to focus on all your practices without feeling stressed. It is taking time to get this routine right, but starting it has been important. Well begun is half done, they say!

You actually started moving – walking and even making some progress in connecting and reconnecting with people.

You spent on creating a Bullet Journal for the second half of the year. Watching you take a childlike pleasure in getting the pages set up, looking for the right stickers and Washi tape, and thinking each page through was a joy. Do more of these simple, yet joy-filled activities.

I wish you well in July, dear self. Be the best you can be.



“I’m making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet to come surprises.”

―Elizabeth Gilbert,Eat, Pray, Love
Dear Self - June 2024
Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash
I probably should have shared Susannah Conway's Mid-year Workbook 2024 (click on the link to download) earlier. But it's not too late to use it for looking back to look forward!

What are you four words for June 2024? What plans do you have for the second half of 2024?

Linking in to Martha Ingrao’s WQ #176 for this month-end review.

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5 Comments on “Dear Self – June 2024

  1. My four words to describe June are Reset, Compromise, Learning, and Connecting.
    Your posts make me pause and reflect, Corinne. I love that about you. Thank you for being you.

    1. Thank you for sharing your words, Vini. I’m positive that, just like me, you found this seemingly straightforward exercise caused you to go much deeper into the month past!
      You make me do the same. Love and hugs! ♥

  2. It’s great fun decorating journals and planners with washi tape and stickers, no? It has become my go to place to feel better when I am low and even reading does not pull me out of the doldrums.

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