dear self - april 2024
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Dear Self – April 2024

I chose to stay intentionally calm in April 2024 and it was as if the Universe decided to test me out to see if I could stick to this!

Here’s the letter I wrote to myself today to mark the end of the month.

Dear Self – April 2024

Dear You

I’m quite proud of the way you handled yourself in April.

You were indeed calm and faced almost everything with equanimity. Well done, you!

I’d like to remind you of some of the things you learned in April:

  • Focus on being proud of what you’ve accomplished instead of thinking about what you haven’t. Recognize your limits and prioritize what’s most important to you.
  • Choose healthier ways to cope with stress that make you feel good, like spending time with friends or enjoying your favorite activities.
  • Do what makes you happy without worrying about what others think. Follow your passions and surround yourself with supportive people.
  • Break tasks into smaller steps to make them more manageable and achievable. Take breaks in between tasks. Celebrate your progress along the way.
  • Surround yourself with positivity and people who lift you up. Follow social media accounts that inspire and motivate you.
  • Prioritize getting enough sleep each night for better mood and productivity. Take care of yourself so you can be your best self.

Have a wonderful month ahead!



April Reflections

I’m responding to some of Susannah Conway’s April Reflection prompts.

The Highlights

  • Emptying out our Mumbai flat and getting all the stuff packed – everything went off better than we anticipated.
  • All the lovely pictures and videos of Lucky enjoying herself at The Pet Café while we were away. That she actually played with other dogs was so heartening to see.

The Learnings

While I’ve listed some learnings in my letter above here are a couple of things I have not covered.

  • Make a schedule and attempt to stick to it – but be flexible too. I’m not a list person, but in recent times, lists are really working for me.
  • How to empty a house and move – I’ll be writing a post about this soon.

List all the things that exhausted you this month

  • Coming back to Hyderabad to encounter a series of issues – it seemed like every single day on gadget/appliance decided to go on the blink. While I could do without my phone, the refrigerator and the cooler dying on us, was challenging. Reluctantly, we used the airconditioner (neither of us like it) and that too died on us! Then the water purifier. Everything was fixable, but so tedious and inconvenient to be without for a couple of days each.

What do you need more of? Less of?

  • More time for creative pursuits.
  • More focus on my writing
  • More rest and relaxation
  • Less stress (some of it is self-created!)
  • More music and laughter.

Glimmers & Grace In April

glimmers and grace

Glimmers & Grace is an uplifting monthly feature way for me to reflect on the moments I’ve experienced a glimmer and when I’ve experienced grace (even amid challenges) in the month just past.  

“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.”

—Ralph H. Blum
  • The grace to let go even as we cleared our Mumbai home. So much of work had gone into make it a home. It was hard watching it being emptied.
  • The many people in Mumbai – the Management Committee of the building’s Society, the builder and his staff, the packers, even the scrap mercants – who made our experience so much easier than we anticipated.
  • The grace to keep calm in Hyderabad when kept getting hit with one challenge after another every day.
  • Our communication and honesty with each other even on difficult days made things so much easier for José and me.

In April, we were truly blessed, and received the grace to face whatever came our way with calm.

How was your month?

Happy to join Marsha Ingrao for her WQ #167 for this month end review.

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2 Comments on “Dear Self – April 2024

  1. Hmm…I’m smiling at your intention to stay calm because I made an intention TODAY to stay “unhurried” for a week. We’ll see how it goes. We’re on vacation so it *should* be much easier to keep that intention than if I were at home. I love the letter to yourself about things you learned in April! Hope you keep receiving lots of grace in Hyderabad after leaving Mumbai. 

  2. Hi Corinne, I hope I can comment here. I enjoyed reading about your accomplishments. Moving is always a struggle, and even more so when things don’t quite work. More music and laughter, that’s a good goal. Did you read Lady Lee’s post for this week’s WQ? She’s got a beautiful piece of music, an audition for Miss Saigon. It is so sweet.

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