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Dangling Conversations

Have you heard Dangling Conversation by Simon and Garfunkel – if you haven’t you could listen here.  This one is about inane and meaningless conversations between two people – perhaps, a couple.

It got me thinking of the several meaningless conversations I’ve indulged in over the years…and continue to at times. Sometimes we talk to people for years and we don’t really know them.

For example, there’s a  ‘friend’ of over twenty years, who started reading my blog and mailed me to ask: ‘When did you become so deep?‘ I thought to myself, ‘We’ve been friends for nearly a lifetime, and shared so much, but you never did get me, did you?”  Then there was someone else I had been chatting to for years, mostly online. A few years down the line, something happens, and I felt, “I don’t think we really know each other……Were all those conversations meaningless?”

Like a poem poorly written, we are verses out of rhythm, couplets out of rhyme …..You’re a stranger now unto me… lost in the dangling conversation ~ Dangling Conversations

More and more, I’m feeling the need not to indulge in meaningless conversations. They take away too much of my time and energy – both of which are too precious to be wasted! I do understand that you cannot go very deep in to a conversation without some niceties – but I’m going to be selective about conversations – about who I spend time chatting to and what I talk about.

On a lighter note: You don’t really need a weather update from me, do you? Neither, do I really need to have details of the medication you were prescribed during your last illness – because I’m sure I can trust your doctor! I don’t need to tell you about all the wonderful dishes I know how to cook (even if I’ve never actually made them). You certainly don’t need to have every detail of what Pablo (my boxer) is up to, and I really don’t need to know what your grandmother made for breakfast in 1975!  So if you’ve got time to waste, go read a book, I’m not available for dangling conversations.

So go ahead the song and have more meaningful conversations with people who really matter and …

May you be inspired – everyday!

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