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Cotton Dresses to Lend an Air of Off-Beat Sophistication

Summers are a real struggle, especially in a country like India where hot months dominate the calendar. The sweaty and sticky feeling leave most of us exasperated and craving for clothing pieces that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. When the temperature rises, it becomes too hot for pants, and we start looking for summer outfits that keep us cool. Whites, blues and greens become our favourite colours while the wardrobe starts getting dominated with comfy and flowy cotton dresses in fine prints and cuts.

So, here are some amazing cotton dresses for women that will provide the much-needed relief from the sweltering heat while keeping the style and sophistication game up. You can mix and match these cotton dresses for women with sneakers, flats, and minimalist jewellery pieces to create the perfect look. 

Strappy Maxi Dress

A strappy maxi dress is a must-have in your summer wardrobe. Choose the one that has a great fall and features a summer-friendly print. Tie your hair in a bun and match it with a pair of comfy flats to complete the look. Lifestyle brands like Nicobar have a wide range of cotton dresses for women. Their entire range of cotton dresses has a fantastic mix of different styles and lengths. Choose ones that match your personality and exude an air of off-beat sophistication wherever you go.

Strappy Maxi Dress from Nicobar

A Short Floral Dress

Any summer wardrobe update is incomplete without a short floral dress that is perfect for both casual evening and pub catch-up with friends. Whether with heels or sneakers, this dress will impart the right summery look. Choose colours that make you feel cool, and you will be perfectly ready to beat the heat. The best part about floral dresses is they never go out of style and are a total head turner.

Dusty Pink Is the New Black

Dusty pink or lilac is the new favourite of women around the world. From footwear to handbags and cotton dresses, you will find everything available in dusty pink. This summer-friendly colour is sure to bring out the best in you while keeping the heat away. You can pair a dress like this with a crop summer jacket and white sneakers to imbibe an appeal that will be loved by all.

Flare Dress – Pink

Striped Shirt Dress

There is something magical about stripes – the class they exude is simply unbeatable. Stripes have made a huge comeback, and a lot has to do with how versatile they are. The best part is that you can find a striped dress in every type. From fitted styles to classic cuts and so much more, you will be certainly spoilt for choice. Loose fitted styles are perfect for summers, so make sure a major portion of your wardrobe is covered with dresses that have a loose and flowy finish.

Drop Waist Dress

Another must-have in your summer wardrobe is a kurta-style drop waist dress that is perfect for both semi-formal and casual outings. Your hairstyle will do the trick in keeping things classy while minimal make-up will help you stand out. While adding to your appeal, this dress will become your instant favourite during summers. The light and breathable fabric and drawstring waist make this dress a summer staple.

Gathered Drop Waist Dress from Nicobar

Stock Up on These to Pass Through Summer in A Breeze

Your style quotient can never go wrong when you are wearing a dress. Whether it is a shirt or flowy maxi dress, the air of off-beat sophistication that you will walk with will be enough to make you win some serious style points. The best part is that most of these dresses can equally double as your perfect vacation partner. Whether it’s a beach vacay or a day to stroll around the historical town, you can wear any of these cotton dresses for women with much ease.

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5 Comments on “Cotton Dresses to Lend an Air of Off-Beat Sophistication

  1. I loved the maxi dress and the one in dusty pink. So cool and comfy!
    In summers, I wish I could go minimalistic! Maybe I could choose one of these dresses and find some relief.
    Loved this post, Anisha! As much as I am a plain Jane kinda person, I enjoy reading posts on clothes, makeup and accessories! 😛

      1. Hahaha! Happens, Corinne….

        Earlier, my mom used to ask me (whenever I wanted a different kind of dress), “Are you even going to wear it?” And, I would quietly put the dress back in its place. 😛

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