closing our eyes
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Closing Our Eyes


Just yesterday, I read this story from Sonia Rumzi. It spurred me to think of how some of us become blind in certain relationships, especially of the romantic kind. I know of many people (mostly women) who will put up with all sorts of behavior  from their partners, abuse even. All the while they tell themselves that the other person needs them and can’t manage without them.  They refuse to see things as they are, will not listen to advice from others. They keep trying to make the relationship work, fix the broken pieces – all a one-sided effort. Finally, things become unbearable, the partner has got so used to getting away with it all, that he pushes his luck one too many times. And then, the woman opens her eyes and sees the truth. If she’s lucky, it’s not too late to escape. 

And I wonder how do we let this happen to ourselves…..Why do we close our eyes to the truth?

It is sure to be dark if you close your eyes. ~ Swami Chinmaya

Today I’m asking:

1. Have you or someone you know been in a romantic relationship that brings more hurt than love?

2. What made you or your friend open your eyes to the truth?

closing our eyes


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