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Posts published in “Authenticity”

Trust The Empty Spaces

Trust the empty spaces. Loneliness.Boredom.Pain.Disillusionment.Disappointment.Death.Divorce.Misunderstandings.A lack of love.Feeling cut off.Writer’s block.Uncreative days. Space.Empty spaces. Tempting to fill them with:Meaningless conversations. Endless internet hours.Longer hours at work.Drowning it in alchohol. Retail therapy.Hard to trust the empty spaces.Difficult to believe.That they’re there for a purpose. Empty spaces.We need them.To find our deepest…

Nurturing The Light #writebravely

In the times that we live in, it’s often tempting to hit out against people and situations. Sometimes you watch helplessly as the bad guys win and the good ones are beaten! Sometimes you wonder if it’s worth speaking out. If it’s worth taking the high moral ground when those…

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