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Can Social Media Help When You Are Sad?

Often social media gets a bad rap. But can social media help when you are sad?

Handling pain and grief alone isn’t easy. Increasingly, people are turning to social media to express their emotions and find the comfort they crave when they’re going through a rough patch. Granted, it doesn’t always end right, but sometimes, it can actually help. In fact, some experts also believe that social media could prove to be a very powerful therapeutic tool that could help people grieve and let out their emotions. But how exactly?

Can Social Media Help When You Are Sad?

It Helps you Cope

When it comes to handling negative and difficult emotions, a lot of us struggle to find ways to cope. We either keep those emotions and thoughts to ourselves, or let them all out in the worst possible way at the worst time, putting our relationships at risk. Finding a coping mechanism that actually works for you takes some amount of effort, some external help and a little bit of trial and error, and guess what- social media can help you with just that!

You’ll Find Support in Unexpected Places

Social media is often portrayed in a very negative way- as something that is loud, open and full of criticism. On the other side though, it can also prove to be immensely comforting and a safe platform to open up about intense emotions, pain and grief. Many have felt themselves less isolated and connected with more people going through situations similar to theirs, on social media platforms. Many others found new friends who they could depend on, share their thoughts and feelings with, without being judged, as opposed to what they experienced in real life.

It Helps you Open Up

Bottling up emotions isn’t a great idea- most experts stress a lot on that, and that’s where social media comes in and helps. You’ll find a community where people post their struggles, thoughts and emotions openly, and while there’s a downside to it as well- with all the nasty comments and criticism that’s hardly constructive, there’s a big plus side too- you’ll be able to open up and speak- even if it is not verbally, and more often than not, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who are incredibly supportive, if not more.

You’ll Find Hope

Apart from feeling supported, social media also helps you find hope, and that’s what makes it the best! From those funny dog or cat videos to personal stories of people going through tough times and finding happiness once again- it can get you in a good mood- especially if that’s something you have been wanting to feel. You’ll find your healthy distractions too with the recipe and DIY videos, and also find courage and strength from the occasional motivational quotes that come up on your feed!

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8 Comments on “Can Social Media Help When You Are Sad?

  1. For me, social media is a distraction when Iam stressed after a tiring office work. If not for social media, I will not be able to read posts from other bloggers. The old way of bookmarking sites and reading from laptop is not possible now. Mostly I will read from my mobile redirected to each site from Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Hi Corinne – I think SM is like everything else in life – it has its good points and bad points and what you focus on is what makes the difference. I choose to not use Twitter or IG because I don’t like their focus. I stick with FB for the family pics & happy quotes, and I love Pinterest for the pretty pics. I scroll past anything inflamatory and just enjoy the happy and colourful parts (the same way I approach life – it’s all about choice).

  3. Social Media has good and bad points.. depends on what your focus is. yes sometimes you find strength from an unknown person whom you have connected virtually and may be at times its easier to open up to those you don’t know, because you don’t fear being judged.

  4. I follow a lot of runners on social media. They tend to be a very positive, supportive group. I often find inspiration from their social media posts. I try to ignore posts that spread hate, especially political posts.

  5. I never thought of social media helping when you’re sad. But you made excellent points! It is a surprising place to find support when you least expect it. Great post!

  6. This is a great thought. Social media does get a bad rap in a lot of ways, and I think it deserves it sometimes. 🙂 But there are a lot of positive possibilities with social media too, as you’ve shared here. Like most tools, I think it comes down to how we choose to use it. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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