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Blogging As Giving #MondayMusings

When people ask me what I do and I respond that I’m a blogger, their next question invariably is ‘Is there money in that?’. I’m never certain about how I should answer that. I didn’t start blogging to earn money – I started because I wanted to share my thoughts. The concept of earning from my blog came a lot later. I started with Adsense – and have yet to receive a single penny from them, moved on to other ads and finally started with sponsored posts.

On an average, I get about 6-7 sponsored posts a year. And no, it does not cover the cost of my blogging – hosting, themes and plugins. That’s in part because I tend to prefer paying for themes and plugins. So while I do earn from blogging, I don’t make a living from it and don’t think I ever will. I’m sure most of you have a similar experience.


Blogging As Giving

I was reading  a post called Blogging Wisdom: Authenticity, Giving and More  by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on WordPress’ Daily Post, when these words popped out, calling my name!

Nowadays, so many people start blogging and feel like they need to “get” something out of their blogs. But in fact, blogging is giving. When you write a cookbook, you are sharing recipes. With a blog, beyond recipes and travel tips, you are sharing more of your daily life with readers, and I think they appreciate honesty, rather than being talked to as if you are trying to get something out of them, like traffic or monetization. – David Lebovitz

There’s a whole host of reasons why I blog, but of late I’ve started to look at blogging as giving and not receiving. More and more, I feel compelled to blog about my personal journey, like I used to in the ‘old days’.  I don’t want to waste my time on flattery of brands. It’s not that I want to bore my readers, but I feel that if even one person can learn from my experience, or feel that my words brightened their day, or became more self-aware,  then my effort to blog has been worth it.

When the first lot of requests for sponsored posts came in, I was so excited that I didn’t use good judgement. So you might find a post here with a link to online bingo. In retrospect, it was a bad choice to make. Since then, I’ve learned to filter the links to go to websites that fit into the overall goals of this blog. Earlier this month, when I got a good offer for a link going to a casino, I turned it down. No snob value in this, just that it no longer fits in with my blogging goals – the primary one of which is to be authentic.

There are plenty of ‘giving’ bloggers who are my role models. One blog that immediately comes to mind is Danny Brown‘s UNFUCD – trying to create happiness one day at a time.

What do you think of David Lebovitz’ words? Do you see blogging as giving?


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20 Comments on “Blogging As Giving #MondayMusings

  1. Blogging is definitely giving because we share a part of us and invariably touch people like us. I have experienced it myself. Blogging is a part of me. I cannot earn my living through it but still I cannot imagine not being a blogger

  2. When I left working to become a full time stay-at-home I wasn’t supposed to do anything except for caring for the toddler and the house. The fact that I always wanted to write was the reason to start blogging. If blogging wasn’t about giving, I would not have found courage to live my life with strengths I had never known and what helped me was reading the bloggers’ personal stories. This is so much bigger than meaning to earn money out of blogging. And I think I am doing just that, giving, by sharing my personal stories in turn with the world.

  3. I totally understand. My blog started off as little more than an online diary… it still is that at many levels. But yes, the lure of ‘small bags of silver’ did make me take up the odd promotion here and there. Do I believe in all of them? I don’t even think I remember them!
    But I have made a more conscious effort to focus on the blog and the character I want it to have.

  4. Blogging is giving – powerful words. I faced and in fact still facing the question ” How do you spend your time at home? Are you not bored of being at home after leaving your passionate job?”. But always I reply them with a smile. I love to share my life lessons with people eiether as a teacher or as a blogger. Nothing makes a difference at my side. Thanks Corinne for this lovable post.

  5. I love that concept “blogging is giving”. I never thought of it that way but it’s absolutely how I feel. I too had ads for “a minute”. Ultimately I didn’t feel good about it so I removed them.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. I did not even have Adsense or anything like that. Yes, sometimes get paid in kind but what I write is what my blog is about. I follow the principle that if one person feels happy with what they just read, my effort and time spent sharing my thoughts on the blog is worth. Blogging is giving.

  7. I remember being asked the same by me friends when I started blogging. Why do you do it? It was more for myself than for the others, and of course it wasn’t something I can earn from. I shall be happy if my writing perhaps brings a smile on someone’s face, or maybe make someone feel better somehow. In many instances readiing blogs has helped me clear my mind, and even make strong decisions. I don’t know if I was ever able to offer such kind of help, but I do know that I have gained a great deal from blogging.

  8. There is so much I love about blogging – that ability to have something creative outside of my day job and the purpose for me was to document our home renovation over the years as we tackle it bit by bit. I agree it can be so exciting when those sponsored posts start turning up but I’m definitely in agreement to only go with those that fit within your voice and niche. It also bothers me when people think it’s all fun, freebies and no work!! X #mg

  9. I love that — blogging as giving. I think I get relationships out of it. And opportunities. And it’s a chance to practice writing and get feedback on my words. So I do get stuff out of it. But I also give a lot in it.

  10. I love this concept of blogging as giving! With all the noise and hype out there about being billionaire bloggers, it gets hard sometimes to listen to what you really want to achieve/do with your blog. Some business – yes. But so much more giving. Thank you Corrine – I have some planning to do 🙂

  11. This is exactly how I feel now. After writing sponsored posts during my early days as blogger and product reviews for contests later on, I felt I was losing the authenticity of my blogs. There was a guilt that would creep in after publishing the post. To think of blogging as a way of giving is actually a great way to keep going and not bogged down by numbers or popularity or even writer’s block.

  12. Corinne, That’s how I’m feeling these days. Sharing who you are is a big part of blogging. And I find people respond more to personal, “this is how my week went” type posts than anything else. I never thought people would like this stuff, but they do. I also find it the most rewarding (and fun) to write.

  13. Blogging is all about giving – we are giving a part of us to the readers. Yes, the readers connect more when you are writing about your own journey/ experience than do a flattery of brand as you rightly mentioned

  14. It’s great to see someone sticking to be themselves. I was offered to blog about drink but I’ve never liked the taste so turned it down. #mg

  15. I really enjoyed this post, in many ways that is because it validated for me so much of what I feel. I enjoyed that quote too, I see my blog as a way to give to the world and hope it will inspire others to live happier or at least more authentically, but it gives so much to me too. As you know I have steered away from sponsored posts, I have blogged for holiday accommodation but only places I have loved to be, but I don’t want to be told to write about certain things. My blog is my reflection and it helps me grow, it helps me be the best me I can be. A fabulous post! Love you xx

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