Birds of Paradise
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Birds Of Paradise

I could not but share this here. I was compelled to.

Be prepared for the Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise – 39 species of birds found only in the wilderness of New Guinea. Beauty like you’ve never seen before, made possible by over a decace of work by Ed Scholes, a Cornell Lab scientist and Tim Laman, a National Geographic photojournalist. For over a decade they have worked on the Birds of Paradise project to capture Mother Nature in one of her finest displays.

Be prepared to spend 5:37 minutes watching this video. Be prepared to be awe-struck. Be prepared to let Nature surprise and amaze you. Allow Mother Nature to wow you today.

When Laman and Scholes published their book Birds of Paradise: Revealing the World’s Most Extraordinary Birds, here’s some of the feedback they got on it.

“No group of birds in the world is more beautiful and more intriguing to science than the birds of paradise. Surprisingly, no book showing them displaying in the wild has been done before. But to gain such perspectives and develop such a wonderful collection of pictures has taken years. The result is truly breathtaking.” –Sir David Attenborough, filmmaker and creator of Life on Earth

“You’ll initially find it hard to believe that these pictures are real—but they are. These are the most beautiful photographs of the world’s most beautiful birds. The birds’ behavior, richly described in the text, is as remarkable as their appearance. This is a book like no other book.”
Jared Diamond, ornithologist and author of Guns, Germs, and Steel

Birds of Paradise

You needn’t comment. I was speechless after I watched the video. I’m saving this video and on days I feel low I’m going to watch these beautiful birds who have such wonderful survival instincts and remind myself to spend more time with Nature.

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  1. Wow! Such stunning birds. Thanks for sharing, Corinne. 🙂 We love watching the birds cavort in our backyard, but they’re not nearly as colourful or interesting as the ones in this video.

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