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Be A Beginner Every Day #100WordsonSaturday

In the beginning she thought she had it all together. She knew what she wanted from life and she was going to get it. But life knew what it wanted from her and kept putting spokes in the wheels of her dreams. She decided to float and let things happen to her to her. But that didn’t go too well either. Only when she realized that life had to be a combination of dreams and letting go, was she ready to start over. Head still in the air, but feet firmly on the ground she plunged into a new life. (100 words)

Head still in the air, but feet firmly on the ground she plunged into a new life – one in which everything didn’t go according to plan, but it all made sense to her. No longer did she fight against things turning out differently. She had discovered the magic of gratitude – giving thanks in all things both good and seemingly bad. Now things didn’t always go her way, but they went the way they were supposed to go. But there was another secret she had discovered that made her less tense and more at ease with herself – the beginner’s mind. (100 words)

The concept of the beginner’s mind is fantastic, but how could she apply this to her life. She would look at challenges in a new way and try to find new solutions to old problems. But what about the guilt she sometimes felt about promises she couldn’t keep,  targets she couldn’t meet? Sometimes, just thinking about them made her tired! What if she looked at every morning as a new start to her life – apply the beginner’s mind concept to every day living? Now she starts every morning afresh. That is presently working well. Every day is a new day! (100 words).


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Every 4th Saturday of the month is time for #100WordsonSaturday. I’m responding to a prompt I came across somewhere to start a piece of writing with the phrase ‘In the beginning’. I’ve chosen to write this in paragraphs of a 100 words each.

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14 Comments on “Be A Beginner Every Day #100WordsonSaturday

  1. Love the start about what one wants from life and what the latter want from us. It’s so true about life. Makes me wonder how compromise can destroy the real us. But agree with you, Corinne on gratitude and on never shying to start everything on a fresh note.

  2. I love the idea of the 100 words paragraph. And being a beginner everyday? Isn’t that such a good way to start a day afresh, with new hopes, optimism and renewed energy? If we all could do this, there would be so much peace 🙂
    Beautiful post Corinne!

  3. Hello Corinne

    I have only recently started a blog. Your 100 words idea is brilliant. I am going to start now and try and do it daily.

    My favorite quote is by Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682).

    “Life is a Pure Flame Lit by an Invisable Sun within Us”

    Keep up the Blogging



  4. Be a beginner with every single morning…so beautiful! It makes sense..Wake up everyday to learn something new because that makes life so much more better

  5. Love this concept of starting each day with a clean slate–and without the baggage of what went before. We too often think of “letting go of the past” as this big, all-or-nothing proposition of renouncing everything “bad” that’s happened. This approach seems much more manageable–and kind. Thank you for sharing your insights, Corinne!

  6. I am always amazed that people can write 100 word stories. Fantastic.

    Every day is new and a new beginning. So many possibilities when you approach the morning that way. As always, Corinne, you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you lovely!

  7. Found your blog through #blogsharelearn – beginner’s mind is such a simple concept, and hard to consistently apply to every day life. The 100 words exercise is a great way to explain, kind of like a parable. Nice job!

  8. Really , your words flow freely. “Life has to be a combination of dreams and letting go.” Very well said! Lovely post. Thank you

  9. Thanks! Dream is a phenomena which occurs to every one and every one has the right to have dreams, give those dreams physical existence with a fresh start with confidence and self beleif

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