Around The World On A Budget
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Around The World On A Budget

Seeing the world is, for many of us, the right sort of motivation to improve our lives. We get to see so many different cultures and landscapes that we either appreciate what we’ve got or we work to attain something with meaning to our lives. But most of us don’t have the opportunity to do this. Money always gets in the way. But if we really want to see the world we shouldn’t let money be the obstacle! And when we go traveling we always have one eye on our purse but what can we do to really see the world on a modest budget?

Around The World On A Budget

Spread The Costs

It’s not just about group discounts but if you are looking to incorporate a bit of luxury into your travels by spreading the costs between as many different people as possible you could rent an airplane like the Embraer Legacy 500 and charter a flight. Sharing the costs for many people is the one true way to go and see the world. If you and your friends are like-minded and you’ve all been thinking about ticking off places in the world as part of your bucket list this could be your one opportunity for seeing the world and what it has to offer!

Eat Street Food

You don’t need to eat in any high-end posh restaurants when you are traveling. Sure, if you want to treat yourself on occasion, go for it, but the fact is there are so many street food stalls that serve up delicious regional food for next to nothing that you won’t want to waste your money on the high-end counterparts! Street food is the perfect way to meet locals and learn about local customs. And arguably the biggest benefit of street food is that you can eat until you are beyond full so it’s unlikely you will want to have a massive meal in the evening! This works wonders for your budget.

Walk Everywhere

While it’s not completely feasible to travel on foot everywhere when you are going from place to place a mile a minute, taking the opportunity to go a slower pace allows you to see the hidden treasures of any massive bustling city. Walking everywhere gives you the chance to look at everything with a much slower pace of mind. It gives you the opportunity to blend in with the locals and do things at a more relaxed pace, not to mention the fact that it is incredibly cheap to walk everywhere! And of course, you get plenty of benefits in terms of physical exercise.

Keep Your Eye On Your Budget

If you want to see the world on a budget you’ve got to operate with a frugal mindset. When you trying to save pennies around every corner it can prove annoying is a budget or even a bit depressing that you don’t have much money to spend on these wonderful experiences. But the most important thing to consider at this point is as soon as you start to think with a certain and if you limitation you will operate within your means. Keeping an eye on your budget is a simple approach; you plan ahead, you can use public transport or get cheaper hotels. As such, you won’t need to skimp on a luxurious vacation.

Purchase A Round The World Ticket 

Buying a round the world ticket through an Airline Alliance makes it far easier to travel around the world. If you’ve got many locations you want to cover rather than buying one individual ticket for each part of the journey this can help you to put everything together, saving you a lot of money. You have to make sure that your itineraries work together but if you are looking to hit as many different continents as possible in a short space of time you can go from west to east. It’s a perfect opportunity when there’s not much time to visit every single place.

Take Advantage Of Credit Cards

Credit cards are a perfect opportunity to buy now and pay later. But even if you are concerned about how much you can spend on this piece of plastic there are numerous credit card options out there for budding travelers that can save you a lot of money. The right credit card can cut back on excessive foreign transaction fees as well as ATM withdrawals. But the biggest draw is that they can offer you opportunities to earn points just by traveling. There are so many credit cards with rewards available, so for every dollar you spend on travel, you could get a certain amount of points. Let these points add up and you use them on a luxurious night in a hotel or a sumptuous banquet!

Plan Ahead Where You Can

You’ve got to operate on an itinerary so if you are looking to save money throughout your travels, having that little structure in place can save you a decent bit of money. When we go on vacation we can’t just think with a thrifty mindset. We’ve got to think about making it an experience that will create loads of lasting memories. And this means that on occasion you have to splurge and rent a limousine or go to that fine dining experience. This means that you could potentially operate with a feast or famine attitude to your journey. For example, you could set yourself a budget for one day that’s very high but the next day it has to be 10% of that original amount. And because there are ways for you to cut costs by eating street food or walking everywhere you should be able to make the finances balance out.

In order to be a well-rounded person, we have to go around the world. But so many of us don’t have the budget. If you have been yearning to see sunsets in Tibet or witness the Eiffel Tower at dusk why should you deprive yourself of these things of beauty? And while everything costs so much these days it just means that if we want to see these places we’ve got to be a bit more prepared.

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