An untold story
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An Untold Story

Another month has sped past and we’re now in April. No, actually we’re in the middle of April and I meant to put this out much earlier! In case you’re wondering about the title of this post, it’s from the Maya Angelou quote that reads: There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. As you read, you’ll realize why I’ve shared this quote.

An Untold Story

Like last month, I’m using questions asked by Emily P Freeman to reflect on on the month gone by.

1. Where did you see God in March?

As I look back on March, I realize that it was a time of productivity and reflection – one that led to changes in our routine. We also began to heal a bit from the loss of Pablo. We will always miss him – but that deep grief we felt has slowly begun to heal. Now although he figures in our conversation almost every day, it’s more us recalling happy memories. I felt God’s healing touch through the month as I reflected on the many losses I’ve suffered in recent years. I still weep from time to time when I recall all those I’ve lost, especially my parents, and there’s a lot of healing that has to take place, not just about the loss but other drama surrounding their illnesses and death. But I do believe that the healing work has begun.

2. When did you feel most like yourself in March?

I felt most satisfied when I sat down to spend time in study. It’s been ages since I’ve done that. Really spend a day studying. I’ve decided to spend one day a week doing that and it feels good. In case you are curious as to what I am studying, read on.

3. What is one word you’re holding onto as we move into April?

I’ve been feeling for a long time that I must write a lot more. Write a book. Tell my untold story or stories. And while I write regularly on my blogs, I want to write more deeply, discover hidden depths to myself and my writing. I realize that I’ve been holding back. Afraid. Not daring enough. Not caring enough. But no more. I’m determined to say yes, to writing more. Much more and writing bravely.

“You either walk inside your own story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”

Brené Brown

So in March, I invested in joining Hope Writers and I’m spending time studying the resources they have on offer. While much of the community consists of Christian writers who write devotionals and on faith and scripture, I’m slowly finding my way around the community and hope to be part of a small circle of writers.

So the word I’m holding onto in April is ‘invest’. Investing time and money to improve and deepen my writing. Here’s what I jotted down in my bullet journal at the start of the month.

What are your April plans like?


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11 Comments on “An Untold Story

  1. That’s a nice word for the month. This month I am concentrating on the word Blessings because my daughters were born this month and after going through a whole family merry go round of covid, I really feel blessed at the love and healing that came our way!

  2. This is good, Corinne. You deserve to invest in yourself for a change. I have always seen you as an encourager of others, and ideally that would come back to you tenfold, but sometimes you have got to say, “It’s my turn. I’m worth encouraging with as much enthusiasm as I’ve given to everyone else.” Glad to see you doing this.

  3. It’s so wonderful, Corinne to know that you are studying. I invested in myself and joined a course as well to find the balance I was seeking in life. It really helps.

  4. Congratulations for new directions and changes. I am inspired! I am having very similar feelings. I have material I have wanted to put into a book, my character dramas, because I believe they could be used by other drama teams or ministers, but I have held back gathering t hem together. Fear of success or fear of failure, I am not sure which. But I often preach to others, ‘Use your gifts from God!’ Anyway Corrinne, this is exciting and I am happy for you. I did click on the Hope Writers emblem and take a quiz. Not sure about following through. Praying and thinking. Blessings, Michele

  5. Hugs, Corinne. Happy to know that you are starting to heal. Crying our heart out is also part of the healing process I believe.
    Last month I subscribed to a platform to keep up with my studies. I am doing my best to restart my career as a software developer. For now, studying makes me happy. It’s wonderful that you are investing in yourself, Corinne. Learning will never go wasted.
    Wish you a beautiful and productive April!

  6. Emily Freeman asks the best questions. Thank you for sharing your reflections here. I am so sorry about your loss of Pablo. I know how hard that is. I am pulling for you, hoping your investment pays off. 🙂

  7. Yes to investing in yourself. Happy writing! Investing in yourself will pay dividends for years. Hoping to read some of your future writing. Sorry for your loss. Grieving is hard. Glad you are remembering happy memories. What treasures they are.

  8. Looking forward to hearing your story – and reading your dream unfold! April for me is anticipation of planting seeds and my vegetable garden, for porch living – and loving those that walk through my door!

  9. This is such an inspiring post, Corinne. I believe that the things you invest in yourself always come back to you multiplied. My word for April is ‘Gratitude.’ I have been blessed with three wonderful people in my life with their birthdays this month, my mum, my son, and Sam, my new pet son. I’m so grateful that I have them by my side.

    I’m really sorry for your loss of Pablo. I know how it is to lose a pet. Big hugs to you. I hope his memories offer some kind of consolation to you. <3

  10. It’s always hard to invest in ourselves, isn’t it? I decided to invest in my creative side and purchased an online course for watercolor painting and the supplies to go along with it. I’m limited by recent surgery as to what I can do, but I can sit and paint! I’m looking forward to developing a new skill :).

  11. I’m so glad to know that you’ve decided to invest in yourself, Corinne. And so good that you’re also on the healing journey. It’s been a tough year on so many levels for many of us and I can imagine how overwhelming that might have been for you, too, especially after the loss of Pablo.
    Hugs, dear Corinne! Good luck with the study and my best wishes for the book that you’re planning to write someday soon.

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