the ingredients for a happy life

The Ingredients For a Happy Life

What is the reason we’re all on this planet? That’s an unanswerable question (for the moment), but we can be reasonably sure that it’s for a purpose grander than simply pushing paper around, and shuffling along. In the absence of any concrete answer, it makes as much sense to focus on living happily than it does any other purpose. The question of how to be happy has riddled the best minds for thousands of years, but now, thanks in large part to their thinking, we have a reasonably strong understanding of what’s involved. Below, we take a look at some of the key ingredients for happy life that you’ll want to make sure are part of your world.

The Ingredients For a Happy Life

Surround Yourself With Good People

They say that you’re the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time. If you’re hanging around with mopey, negative people, then it’ll only be a matter of time before you’re kind of pulled that way yourself. Now, no-one’s suggesting that you bail on the current people in your life — it’s a good thing to be loyal. But if they’re not quite matching your lust for life, then look at meeting some new people. They’ll help push you to be better and happier. 

Focus On Yourself

Some people go through life forever meeting with friends, being social, and all-around dedicated significant time and energy to other people. This is a good thing, and should have a place in your life, but it shouldn’t be your entire life. To be happy, you need to also water your own seeds, not just your social seeds. Life becomes much more enriching when you know you’ve got a solid platform of your own to stand on. You’ll be able to enjoy all the nuances and small beauties of life when you’re not trying to find happiness from external sources, but can draw on your own internal world as the basis of your satisfaction.

Stay Active

OK, that’s all a bit spiritual and new, so now let’s focus on the real-life aspects of happiness. What does science say is going to make us happy? One of the easiest things you can do to significantly boost your happiness levels is to work up a sweat. You might not like the idea of going for a long run, but forget what you think you want for a moment — this is something that your body needs, and once you’ve given your body the good stuff, it’ll reward you with a healthy dose of feel-good chemicals. Everyone who talks about happiness mentions the need to have regular exercise as part of your life.

Your Career

There’s no getting around the fact that we need to work in order to live, but there’s no law that says you have to do something that you don’t enjoy, or which fundamentally compromises your happiness levels. If you’re going to spend so much of your time working, then it should be doing a job that you like. If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to a new career, then why not look at some of the more fulfilling and happiness-boosting jobs? One such example is a personal trainer. You’ll be working out a lot (already good for the mind) and helping people to reach their goals (also good!). Plus, it’s relatively easy to get started — you can get qualified in around four weeks by taking a course with OriGym. The lie about jobs is that you’re not supposed to enjoy them, but with a little bit of elevated thinking, we can overcome this myth. You’re going to spend forty years of your life working hard. Have a happy life! Do something you believe in!

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Outdoor Times

Our ancestors would think it’s pretty strange, the way we live. We never go outside! Whereas they spent all of their time in nature. Of course, there’s a reason why we moved indoors: it’s way more comfortable, secure, all the things that humans naturally move towards. However, while indoors may be more comfortable, it’s worth keeping in mind that humans belong in nature, first and foremost. And there’ll be consequences if you’re not getting your fill of Mother Nature. Studies have shown that just fifteen minutes spent in nature is enough to give our mood a boost. It’s a bit like exercise. It does require a little bit of extra effort to get up off the couch and head into the outdoors, but you’ll be thankful for your decision once you’re back home and fully refreshed from nature. 

Giving Back

We’re taught in society that we’re supposed to just think about ourselves, but again, this is a little bit unusual. For most of human history, people haven’t been in competition with one another — they helped each other. We are naturally social creatures, let’s not forget. If you’re looking for a way to boost your happiness, then you may consider helping others in one way or another. For reasons that we may never understand, it makes us feel good to do something for others. It could be as simple as a random act of kindness once a day, or you could look at volunteering with a charity on a longer-term basis.

Power to Change

One reason why some people fall into unhappier periods, especially later in life, is because they think that they have to settle for whatever position they’ve found themselves in. Or they think that they understand themselves, and thus accept their limitations. This isn’t true! The great thing about life is that it’s always possible to change and do more, if we want it. The best approach is to simply get moving, in the vague direction of where you want to go. You’ll be surprised at where it takes you.

Go With the Flow

Finally, let’s keep in mind that we can’t always control our surroundings. Try to hold on too tight, and you’ll only make yourself miserable — it’s much better to have a semblance of ‘going with the flow’ as you work your way through life and have a happy life!

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