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A Cracked Egg

Today on BlogFEST 2012 Linda of Linda Says asks: Do you sometimes put yourself on the back burner to conform to others or a situation?

A fantastic question.  My answer a few years ago would be ‘yes’, although by and large I am not a conformist.  However, in recent years, with not a little encouragement from my husband, I’ve learned to totally break out of the ‘shell’ of conformism.  In other words, I’m a cracked egg!

Flawed Formation

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think anyone who is working towards being authentic towards their inner self cannot conform.

Are you a cracked egg too?


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21 Comments on “A Cracked Egg

  1. cute metaphor. i think my family (of origin) probably regards me as a ‘cracked egg’ because it seems to insinuate ‘damaged’ or ‘broken’. and sounds sort of like ‘crackpot’. i think of myself more like the swan’s egg that got mixed into the duck’s nest in the story of ‘the ugly duckling’ — not broken, just different.

    i love that your husband has encouraged you toward more individualism! my general history of marriage was to men who were probably originally attracted to me because of my non-conformity (since i was acting out what they were afraid to do…) but then once we got married they constantly pressured me to conform and stop acting ‘crazy’. fortunately for you & me we have found a different kind of man to celebrate our lives with today — YaY!

  2. Great quote by Emerson! When you think about it, it was really why we were created – to be our own unique self! Ughh! Wish this thought was engrained into my head as a kids, but I can pass off this wisdom to my kids! 😉 Thanks for sharing in the prompt today!

  3. I love Steve Jobs famous quote, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” I am for certain, ME. Take it or leave. Love it or hate it, I’m the person I have developed into reality and I kinda like her.

    No conforming here. I’m a purple hat in a world of black and white.

  4. Dear Corinne, the problem is, when there is no back up and the way ahead is full of uncertainties, it feels very scary to ‘not conform’ to what everyone else wants/says, especially when the results could affect people other than me – if it was just me, I might still ‘not conform’ but when others are involved, I am just too scared to take charge/responsibility. Good or bad, I don;t know.. but it leaves a lot of regrets in my heart.

  5. I love this message Corinne! We all need encouragement in this area and perhaps even daily reminders because there are so many out there who are terrified by anything different. Thank you my friend!

  6. It all depends on the situation. I hate confrontations and if I can avoid it, I conform. It is funny, that while we do not want to change, we are always trying to change people around us 🙂

  7. I love that quote!

    Yes, I am a cracked egg… I’ve always rebelled against ‘conforming’ yet I have definitely flirted with people pleasing, which, at times can confuse me; although, I am not willing to UNQUESTIONINGLY ‘conform’.

    I guess to some degree we all ‘conform’, but like you said, “I think anyone who is working towards being authentic towards their inner self cannot conform” and being authentic towards their inner self is the difference between being rebellious and a cracked egg. 🙂

  8. Beautiful quote, loved it, what you say is very true ! learning to listen to my hearts calling. Thanks for sharing !

  9. I am hopelessly cracked in some ways and conform in situations sometimes to avoid confrontations. A mix of both, I’d say.

  10. My parents would vouch for the fact that I have been the eternal rule breaker in the family. Always trying out new things, living life on the edge as per them!

    No wonder today I am an investment banker in my entire family full of engineers and doctors who are happily working in cozy government jobs while I slog in pvt companies.

    Like it is said, ‘ They laugh at me thinking I am different, I laugh at them thinking they are all the same!’ 🙂

    Loved this new thing – Cracked egg…. ! 😀

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