99 Things I Am Grateful For #FridayReflections #everydaygratitude

If I only had one attitude to pick from, one value to treasure, one concept to choose from, then without a doubt, I’d choose Gratitude.

Gratitude is an attitude that I picked up on some 9 odd years ago, although, I heard about it’s value for so many years before that. I incorporated it into my life and I know that it has made the world of difference to how I view life.

Today, I’m attempting to write a ‘99 love list‘ but turning it into a ’99 Gratitude list’ instead.

99 Things I Am Grateful For

In no order of importance, things past and present I’m grateful for –

  1. Life
  2. A body
  3. Love from my parents
  4. Two protective and caring brothers
  5. A loving extended family
  6. 50 plus years of health
  7. 50 life lessons I’ve learned
  8. Happy childhood memories
  9. A safe childhood
  10. Opportunities to study in excellent schools
  11. Introduction to reading at an early age
  12. Music
  13. Chances to act and sing in public
  14. Good jobs
  15. Supportive bosses
  16. Friendly colleagues
  17. Friends
  18. Laughter
  19. Flowers
  20. Beaches
  21. Sunsets
  22. Trees
  23. Access to clean water
  24. Hot baths
  25. Cold showers
  26. Electricity
  27. Warm clothes
  28. A safe place to live in
  29. A supportive husband
  30. The joy of togetherness
  31. Financial security
  32. The internet
  33. Blogging
  34. A desire to keep learning
  35. Access to medical facilities
  36. Telephones
  37. Cooking gas
  38. Washing machine
  39. Vegetables
  40. Fruit
  41. Cooking skills
  42. Takeaway food to add to variety
  43. Good meals
  44. Dogs and their love
  45. Ability to help the less fortunate
  46. Transport
  47. Books
  48. My Kindles
  49. Blogging connections
  50. Movies
  51. Inspiration that’s all around
  52. Fountain pens
  53. Notebooks
  54. Interesting conversations
  55. Dog sitters
  56. Holidays
  57. Tea
  58. Coffee
  59. Chocolate
  60. Massages
  61. Scented soaps
  62. Essential oils
  63. Incense and joss sticks
  64. Faith in God
  65. Writing
  66. Mentors
  67. Inspirational people
  68. Feelings
  69. Thoughts
  70. Imagination
  71. Polite people
  72. Kindness
  73. People who irritate me
  74. Painful situations
  75. Gifts
  76. Surprises
  77. A bed
  78. My own space to work in
  79. Working from home
  80. Bubble wrap and cello tape – making life easier!
  81. Discounts
  82. Online shopping
  83. Training skills
  84. Living in a democratic country
  85. Freedom
  86. Walks
  87. House help
  88. Public servants
  89. Birds
  90. Intuition
  91. Personal space
  92. A good memory
  93. Letting go of the past
  94. Photographs
  95. Comedy shows
  96. Things I learn every day
  97. Plenty of spare time
  98. Comfortable clothes
  99. You, my dear readers!



I’ve been slacking off on my #everydaygratitude posts, so today I did a combination with Finish The Sentence Friday and Friday Reflections.


The hosts are Kristi  and this week’s sentence-thinker-upper Deirdre Conran. The prompt : If I only had…..

Also joining Lizzi Lewis and gang for Ten Things of Thankful.

Also, happy to announce that Sanch and Write Tribe are now hosting a weekly feature, Friday Reflections, passed on to us by Janine and Mackenzie. Do join us.

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54 Comments on “99 Things I Am Grateful For #FridayReflections #everydaygratitude

  1. Wow! Such a lot of thought went into this lovely and imaginative list. Well done. I grinned when I read the “washing machine” reference. You reminded me of the conversation I had on the soccer pitch with one of the player’s Italian grandfathers. A mother and I were nattering on about how much work awaited us at home once the game was over. He looked at us and said “Yes, but think how much more work you’d have if you didn’t have a washing machine. Imagine going home now and lugging the dirty clothes down to the river …” Stopped us cold. How very true.

    1. Thanks, Kelly.
      The Italian gentleman was right! 🙂
      I have lived in India my whole life. It’s hard for my generation to take for granted washing machines and whole lot of other conveniences since we didn’t have them growing up.

  2. What an important and lovely reminder on being grateful. I love that you included having a body. At first I giggled but then I really started to think about the incredible gift of life and physically navigating this world and yes, yes, I’m very grateful to have a body as well. I’ll treat it a little more gently today. <3

  3. Yes, yes! Thank you for reminding me I should be grateful of so many of the same things. I’m a cat person, though. I just inserted “cat” for “dog” and it still works. 🙂

  4. That’s a great list. It shouldn’t be hard to think of 99 things to be grateful for but it seems like it would be a challenge to broaden your mind to complete the list because we take so many of these things for granted. Many of these be mine as well – even bubble wrap! This would be a great list for kids because they take a lot of granted too and don’t know to be grateful something as simple as a bed.

  5. So many wonderful thoughts here Corinne. I am thankful daily for all of our modern conveniences and I always think of my ancestors when I’m doing the most mundane, everyday things, like laundry, cooking, dishes, turning on the faucet.. So much of what we have would have made their lives so much easier.. I am thankful and grateful.

  6. This is great. I think gratitude is so important, and so many people focus on what’s going wrong in life. There are so many blessings we all have, and I believe the more we focus on things to be grateful for, the more things we get to be grateful for.

  7. What a wonderful, uplifting list. I love the public servant one. That one jumped out at me. This is really a great thing to–making a gratitude list. I’ve made lists of top-ten, but not 99! You’ve inspired me to give it a try for my next free write. Have a great day Corinne.

  8. We have a lot of overlap. Two loving parents, 50+ years of health, extended family, chocolate, imagination, thoughts, faith.m What a great list!

  9. You sure have a lot to be thankful for! As we all do 🙂 I think I could say the same for about 60 of the things you listed. I think what I’m most thankful for boils down to my cats and my boyfriend (but don’t make me choose!)

  10. What an incredible list! There are just so many things to be grateful for in this world, and I think it’s awesome that you put together a great reminder for days that aren’t always as fulfilling. I definitely need to do something similar as a reminder on those days. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Nice work you overachiever, you! So many items on your list would be on mine, too. From comedy shows to financial security, we seem to have lots of similar thankfuls.

  12. Wow!
    And I can’t even come up with a list of 10! It’s so hard sometimes.
    Good for you. This is a fantastic list of things to be thankful for. It’s always the little things that you don’t think about too. Thank you for sharing them.

  13. Making a gratitude list cheers me up and I wonder at the immense amount of blessings that I already have in my life. Let us all be thankful and bring harmony to this world.

  14. Love how you combined this post with the prompts.
    Love also how you did 99 instead of 100.
    Mostly I loved the ones about family, but those about nature, writing, and all the things (luxuries) we are lucky t have were wonderful too.
    I especially focused on the one about a mentor and the following one on inspiration, as I have just recently found myself a writing mentor.
    You capture so much all in this one post. Nicely done.

  15. This is such a wonderful list, Corrine.. What strikes is that it’s the little things in life that we take for granted which makes life beautiful and it should hurt us to stop and be thankful for those every once in a while..And happy that you are hosting friday reflections as well 🙂

  16. Thank you for reminding of things I can and should be grateful for. Faith in God… A safe childhood… Chocolate… All important things we take for granted. Very thoughtful post.

  17. Love your huge list! My first thought was “wow, wonder if I could come up with that many.” And I’m happy to say the answer is yes, I’m sure I could. I love the things you included.
    I completely missed Finish the Sentence last week…time is really getting away from me lately.

  18. Making a gratitude list changed my way of thinking. Good that you changed the topic from “99 things I love ” to “99 things grateful for”. Great list Corinne, might have taken a long time 🙂

  19. Ahhhh a gorgeous list, and I love the way that almost each item on it has the potential to spiral off into other gratitude items, both larger and smaller than the original. We really, truly are blessed with SO much wonderfulness in this life, and yet sometimes it seems so easy to forget or turn a blind eye to what we have.

    Thank you for sharing this glorious list 🙂

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