8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

In these times, with so much emotional and mental stress around, most of us tend to feel exhausted and tired almost all the time. Also , with options of going to the gym or even for a walk being limited, it’s important to find ways to keep healthy and energetic. Keep reading to uncover 8 super fast ways to give you an energy boost and help you out of lethargy and feel active.

8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

#1 Get Up & Move

If you’re one of those slumping all day long at your desk, watching television, or surfing the net, you’ll obviously feel sluggish and tired. Make it a point to get up and move around every couple of hours no matter how lazy you feel- you’ll be surprised at how wonderfully it works in boosting your energy levels.

8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

#2 Drink Up

A lot us tend to feel exhausted and tired because our bodies are actually dehydrated. Infact, dehydration has been blamed for everything from mood swings to reduced cognitive performance. Make sure you keep up your water intake

8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

#3 Take a Power Nap

Studies have shown that taking a small power nap during the day can affect your energy levels dramatically and can also increase your productivity by a good percentage.

8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

#4 Stretch it Out

Yes- just a few stretches at your desk can work too. In between your long working hours, make it a point to stretch for a bit- it’ll not just make you feel active but will also help you fight anxiety and depression.

8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

#5 Open the Curtains

Whether you believe it or not, your environment plays a huge role in influencing your energy levels. If you’ve been stuck in the dark all day long and have your curtains closed all the time, it can actually affect your circadian rhythm as well. Open up the curtains and get some exposure to natural light– it really makes a difference.

8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

#6 Take a Cold Shower

Love your warm, comfy baths too much? Studies have shown that taking a cold shower in the morning can help enhance your energy levels beyond comparison- the cold water on the body tends to improve circulation of blood. Infact, doing this regularly can also help you beat chronic fatigue.

8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

#7 Sniff it

Sniffing certain scents or even rubbing a few drops of essential oils like lemon can have a powerful impact on your brain and body, and can actually improve your energy levels. The scent of lemon oil has been found to be stimulating, and can help improve your mood too. Orange, eucalyptus and peppermint oil are great options as well.

8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

#8 Munch on Some Nuts

Nuts are nothing less than superfoods, and are packed with important minerals and vitamins, particularly folate and magnesium, which are your perfect solution for a quick boost of energy. Plus, they’re super versatile – just munching on a handful of them everyday can help.

8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

Watch this video from Rujuta Diwekar – about nuts and more!

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13 Comments on “8 Fast Fixes for a Quick Energy Boost

  1. I’ve been working from home since March and I do all of these, especially opening the curtain. Seeing nature, the changing weather, and even people going by helps to lift my mood.

  2. Vouch for every one of those superbly presented tips to put the zing back into those lazy bones. I loved every one of them but had a naughty smile when I came to the 7th subheading

  3. Sadly, I would have got 1 out of 8 if this were an exam (yes, I eat nuts… You knew it was gonna be the eating one)

    In recent times, things have gotten really hard at work and after… Need to find ways to just make small changes and make them regular.

  4. Very practical points put across simply and effectively. I am following some of these but will definitely look at the other tips also.

  5. Those naps are so essential. I feel its a sign that body needs rest from all the anxiety and worries. Haven’t tried aromatherapy yet but I do find the smell of chamomile tea very relaxing.

  6. These reminders are needed to be posted on every corner of the house! We know the benefits yet to incorporate in daily life, it’s a struggle. I’m running on low energy these days. My Power naps are turning into full fledged sleep as I’m not getting enough sleep in the night because the younger one decided that mom needs to get her steps in the wee hours by walking to and from his bed to mine! Trying my hard to keep my energy level up! Thankfully I have started drinking more water and eating nuts.
    Great post, Corinne.

  7. Excellent reminders, Corinne! I do almost all of these on most days. I’d also add: do something creative – the feeling of productivity when you do something creative for yourself is an excellent mood booster.

  8. Hi Corinne – some great ideas here – something for everyone. I find that getting up and moving helps a lot – and having light bright rooms in my house also keeps me more awake and less sleepy. Naps sometimes work (and sometimes they make me worse!) #MLSTL

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