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6-Word Memoir

Have you heard about 6-Word Memoirs before? In case you haven’t, read about them here.

My favourite bloggers’ group on Facebook, Blogplicity, has decided to take this up as a hop. I’m glad to be starting it off today. I will then link up to another blogger, who will in turn pass it on to someone else. Should you be interested in joining this chain and/or Blogplicity, do let me know in your comments and I will hook you up.  In your post you will mention who you were tagged by and give a link to their post. The chain will continue.

Those linking in please use the linky below and post only on the date allotted to you. If you’d like to put the code for the linky on your post, please let me know.  The image below is the one we’re using for this chain.

DCF 1.0

My 6-Word Memoir:

Lived, learned, loved, created, laughed happily .


That’s me. I now pass the post on to Janaki Nagaraj who will share her 6-Word Memoir on March 2.



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48 Comments on “6-Word Memoir

  1. Love it, this has been fun for me and your post is great and poignant. Laughing Happily, should be the goal of us all. <3 Love to you dear lady. <3

  2. While I am not participating in the one, I loved the idea so came up with my 6 word memoir:

    Always Believe Care Deserves Everyone’s Focus!


  3. cute idea! i have heard of 6 word memoirs before. loved how you turned it into a meme. and yes, i’d love to join blogplicity! I love joining facebook groups 😀

  4. Truly a memoir of great strength ~ I love your six words of yourself 🙂 I keep coming up with so many but have finally decided on one… perhaps after the event, we could keep a day for it like the ‘Friday Moments’… Thank you for sharing this with us BS :*

    1. Thanks, Melissa. I kept thinking of what to write and finally decided to stick to something simple – not that 6 words can get too complicated! 😛 Looking forward to yours. Yes, we must think of something for the group. Let’s chat about it on FB.

  5. Hi Corinne,

    Very cool 🙂 Had no idea about 6 word memoir.

    Seems you are up for challenges in this year with blogging and that’s really cool. Hope you are laughing happily. Oh gosh… Yes you are 😉 Don’t believe me? Look at the profile pic.

    Have fun all the way Corinne 🙂


  6. Splendid! I’d have to think long and hard about 6 words to describe my life, but yours suit me just fine 🙂 Loved them. I’d probably include most of the same ones myself.

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