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55 Fiction on Sunday

55-Fiction on Sunday? Who knows? It could become a habit. 😉

no denial

And before I knew I had hit ‘send’.  I experienced disbelief at my decision. Then a sense of loss and finally relief.  It was time to let go. Yes, we had had good times. But I didn’t need him any more. “Be happy” I whispered and pictured the little girl  thrilled with her ‘new’ computer.


And before I knew I had hit ‘send’.  Would he respond? Was the profile picture what he really looked like?  I couldn’t stop thinking of him.   I had to know if he was the ‘one’. The last time I had seen him was when the nurse took him away from my arms. My little Roshan.



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31 Comments on “55 Fiction on Sunday

  1. Good job done, Corinne. I loved the second one more.
    I so hope to write one soon. Missed my chance when Vidya gave a tutorial due to work pressures.
    Some day soon. Till then, you all should do justice to her masterclass! 🙂

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