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5 Ways To Stay Resourceful


We’re into 2013.

How are you getting along? Are you making progress with your goals?

Hopefully you’re still sticking to your resolutions. If you’re a little behind on your goals, that’s okay. If you continue to have a will to achieve your dreams for this year, you will find a way to do it.

Some days can seem difficult. Some days it can seem like your inner clouds have taken over and your natural, glorious and sunshine self is hidden. On such days, use the following tips to stay resourceful:

1.      There is no need to beat yourself up

Creating any type of change in your life where you know it will be good for you, takes effort.

However, change can take time. Whatever activities you are engaging in, it might take a while for you to experience the benefits you want. When this happens, sometimes you can get frustrated. It is wise to expect some frustration to arise. When it does, just allow yourself to experience this and watch it go away without beating yourself up.

It makes no sense to beat yourself up over lack of progress. Does it help you? Do you feel good after doing so? Of course, you don’t. Hence, there is no need to do so.

Use the mind-set of an objective scientist where you proactively engage in new activities that push you outside your limit zones. However, keep a mental distance from what you are doing so that you don’t become overly attached to the activity and its outcome.

2.    There is always progress if you’re active

If you’re taking steps no matter how small, then you’re always making progress.

Even if it seems like you’ve not made much difference, sometimes all it takes is a little look back to where you were and where you are now, to see how things are different for you.

Remember you’re concerned with the progress you’re making here and not that of others.

Others come from different backgrounds and skill levels and comparison with others is a surefire way to get your ego into action.

If you perceive others to be better then you, then you feel insecure and get low.

Rather than activating the ego in this way, just quit comparing yourself to others and focus on your own journey and the progress you’re making, measured against yourself.

3.    Take the opportunity to serve others

In this world, it is all too easy to get caught up in the process of succeeding. There is nothing wrong with this. Each one of us comes into the world with infinite potential and it only makes sense to realise our true abilities.

However, with this type of progress comes the potential to be selfish. It is important to ensure you don’t get caught up in this trap. Sure, by being selfish and going for what you want with clear focus, you may achieve what you set out to. However, with this approach you run the risk of still not being happy.

There will be sense of discontentment because you will have created so much separation from yourself and others, you will see your goal in your life to have more than others and be better than others. Again the ego has raised its head and you become more insecure.

One way you can enjoy real contentment and satisfaction is to help others around you. This could be family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours or someone you don’t even know.

If you have some knowledge about a topic which another person would find helpful then share it. If a close friend is experiencing a problem then be present with them and listen to them. It helps others and it helps you too.

4.     Ask for help

While the above step is about helping others where you can, by the same token, ask for help whenever you need it. So many times, we are afraid of asking for help for fear the person we are asking, will say “no,” or that we will look stupid. In fact the stupidity comes from not asking for help in the first place.

Remember, just like you like to help others and feel good when you do, so do others. Give them the opportunity to also raise their self-esteem by helping another human being.

5.   It will work out in the end

A powerful overriding attitude to have over anything you are undertaking is to believe it will work out in the end. This one belief can be so strong in helping us to keep going on, especially when life seems hard.

This attitude can be cultivated through a strong faith that everything will be okay. You will be okay and you will come out on top. Just look at examples of other people who have completed what seemed like impossible feats. Such achievements didn’t happen overnight. They took effort and persistence with a strong belief that it will work in the end.

5 Ways To Stay Resourceful is written by Dr Hiten Vyas.
Dr Hiten Vyas is a Life Coach, Author and Speaker.He is passionate about helping people increase their confidence and reduce their anxiety. You can find out more about him at his website:
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60 Comments on “5 Ways To Stay Resourceful

  1. Welcome to Corinne’s blog, Hiten! Lovely to see you here too 🙂

    The year’s started well, though really hectic for me because I wanted to aim right at the set goals for my blog, which I’ve nearly revamped now. So, this is a really timely post for me!

    I do agree and believe to take small steps and go on to achieve your goals gradually. I guess you are more sure of what you want because you proceed with both your eyes and ears open as they say. So, I agree with your #1 totally – no rush – no worry. 🙂

    Similarly, #2 worked for me because I was going slow but I know the work was going on, and I was happy with that itself. #3 is what my blog is all about, and I think by helping or serving people you are doing a wonderful job for yourself more than for others. It always does work in the end, provided you remain determined and patience – isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful treasure with all of us Hiten. Wonderful choice for a guest Corinne. 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      I’m so delighted to be at Corinne’s blog!

      I’m really glad you could resonate with point number 1. I used to beat myself up so much when I was younger, I probably felt worse than I did if I had been in a boxing match! Hence, I decided enough was enough. What helped in this sense was learning to observe the way my mind worked. It always defaulted to being hard on me. It was only then that I realised what was actually happening. An unhelpful habit had been created.

      Number 2 for me has taken effort and I’m continuing to work at it. Sometimes we’re in such a rush to the end goal we forget the journey, which is the most important because this is where all the learning occurs.

      Isn’t it amazing how much platforms like blogs have enabled us to serve others and given us the ability to touch and impact lives all across the world. Indeed, as you say, with patience and determination it does work out in the end. It’s a real powerful combination.

      Thank you so much for commenting and supporting my guest post at Everyday Gyaan, Harleena! :-

  2. This is so true ! and i am happy to read this, as it is confirming to some of my current thoughts, I would be so restless if something goes wrong while i am achieving my goals. I am glad to see the change in me and i have learnt to continue making small efforts, as you very rightly put it – It will work out in the end. Thanks for the reaffirmation and thanks for sharing !glad to read this post

    1. It’s Angela,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the post and thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It’s amazing to hear about the progress you’ve made in learning to make small efforts. All these small efforts keep on adding up in the end and before we know it, we will have done some great things!

      Absolutely, it will all work out in the end. And we can always try other ways!

      Thanks for commenting and it is great to connect with you, Angela! 🙂

  3. Hi Corinne,

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for publishing my guest post at your blog!

    I’m thrilled and delighted to be at Everyday Gyaan!

    1. Hi Martha,
      It’s a pleasure to meet you!
      I’m really glad you found the advice helpful! I really appreciate you leaving a comment. 🙂

  4. I have set goals for myself and for my work this year. We’re taking one sure step ‘at a time’ since our work is based on calculations…however, for myself, I always have to begin again every morning. Being positive and thinking that everything will be good in the end (#5) entails great faith, I agree.

    Maybe another thing I could add in my VB is involving other people in what I do. I’ve detached myself a bit but I know God wishes me to stay in communion with others.

    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful people in your blog BS.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Thank you very much for sharing your experiences regarding goals you have set. Indeed, each day is a new opportunity for us to grow and progress and help others do the same. Absolutely, point number 5 does take much faith.

      For me it is a strong belief that everything happening at this moment was meant to happen and in the end the outcome I want will manifest. And even if it doesn’t, I know I will have learnt a lot in the process.

      I appreciate the point you made about involving others. When we get others involved in what we’re doing, it makes it so much more fun.

      Thanks a lot for commenting and it’s great to meet you.

  5. Lovely, peaceful way to introduce the subject and encourage people. Of course, there will always be people better than you, as quoted in Desiterata. I’ve found, though, it’s almost impossible to change the people around you from negative thinking into positive. Lead by example, that’s my plan.

    1. Hi Francene,

      I loved your comment and thanks so much for adding more to this post.

      As you say, we can’t change others around us. We can only help others to change if they ask us for help. We can change ourselves though and by doing this, we become as you said, an example which might inspire others! Brilliant stuff!

      It’s great to meet you, Francene!

  6. I like 1 and 5 best. Keep the end in mind, and don’t expect more of yourself than you can do today.
    Just remembering to take the baby steps, keep moving and don’t compare where you are to where you want to be. Great advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Indeed, points 1 and 5 do help us in keeping our minds clear and enable us to remain optimistic.

      I really appreciate the point you made about not expecting more of ourselves than we can do today. When we do over expect too much from ourselves, this then inevitably leads to us been hard on ourselves, for which there is no need.

      I’m really glad you liked the advice and I’m grateful to you for saying so. Thanks very much for adding your thoughts to the post.

  7. I cannot describe how good it feels to read this 🙂

    I completely loved the last point and when everything else gets hazy that is what I keep saying myself in typical SRK style:

    Agar ending happy nahi hai to picture abhi baki hai mere dost!! 😀

    Everything else said and this done, this for me remains the ultimate truth to survival

    1. Hi Privy,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for your appreciation in particular, for point number 5.

      I loved the way you ended your comment, so powerfully. Adopting such an attitude and actually living it can do wonders to ensure we can survive and remain truly resourceful.

      Happy endings will come to those who expect them!

      Thanks very much for leaving your comment! 🙂

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  9. Corrine,
    I love your new blog look! I said a big “Amen” to each and every of the five ways. I love progress always happens if you are active. I always think that it is the little things that count-they add up quick and can make all the difference! Great post!

    1. Hi Jodi,

      I’m really glad you said a “Yes!” to each of the five ways! You’re absolutely right. Any activity however small, as long as it is contributing to help us achieve the task at hand, means we’re making progress. Of course, it’s always wise to review the outcomes of the activities to see which approaches have helped and which happened. Those which haven’t can simply be discarded.

      I’m really happy you liked the post and thanks for your adding your views to it!

  10. I think this post can be used in goal setting. All these steps can help guide a person in the follow through of a bigger goal.

    1. Hi Erica,

      I loved the way you found a connection between the points in this post and setting goals!

      Many thanks for adding this very useful insight to the discussions here. It’s great to meet you, as well.

  11. What an encouraging post! I really enjoyed #5. I think reading biographies of inspiring people helps with #5. Something about other people having achieved the “impossible” makes it less daunting to attempt the same yourself.

    1. Hi Bjorn,

      Thanks so much for writing such an awesome comment! I’m really glad to hear you found the post encouraging! Indeed, reading biographies of people who have overcome adversities in their live and have been successes is so inspiring and motivating!

      I guess it’s one of the great things about the human race, in that whatever we are trying to achieve or do, someone has done something similar before and has a story to tell about it. This then as you said, makes it less daunting to do ourselves!

      Thank you!

  12. So good to see you here Hiten. 🙂 Numbers 3 and 4 are my favorites. Whenever I feel stuck in my life I always change my focus to being of service to others. When I do this my “stuck” situation suddenly changes for the better.

    Asking for help has been a challenge for me for some time, I can ask for help much easier these days.

    Take Care.

    1. Hi Justin,

      It’s great to see you here too, Justin my friend! 🙂 Hope you’re well!

      I’m really glad you appreciated numbers 3 and 4 in particular. Knowing you the way I do, number 3 is one you implement yourself a lot.

      Indeed, number 4 has been a challenge for me too. However, once we get in the habit of asking for help, it becomes so much easier. Of course, it’s important to remember to give ourselves as well. Giving to others amazingly works for the people who we are giving to, as they get help but good things also happen to us in return. This is even more so when we give to others without expecting anything in return.

      Many thanks for leaving your great comment here, Justin! 🙂

  13. Hi Hiten,
    Brilliant article Hiten, really impressed as i can totally connect to your thoughts.
    Starting from one line which i got in your article is “Dont compare yourself from others ,rather compare yourself from you only”.I exactly believe in the same,when you compare yourself with others two thing comes first is When you compare yourself from others then the best outcome could be to his level and you forget your strength because you always compare from others and you never no how worth you are.Second thing when you compare yourself from others chances if i you not able to compete with the person you let yourself down.
    So i believe one should always campare from himself ,should always chalenge for more.

    Two more thing that i liked is Success never come very easily it takes time and effort. and other thing is believing and great believe that you gonna do this any how at end.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

    1. Hi Shorya,

      I’m really glad you liked the article!

      It’s great to hear you could resonate with the point about not comparing ourselves to others and only to ourselves. It makes sense doesn’t it?

      What you wrote in your comment is so important. Indeed, as you said, when we compare ourselves to others, we forget our own strengths and it is these very strengths we need to focus and build upon. And as you commented, when we do compare and don’t match up against the other person, this just creates potential for insecurity. Competition I believe is best left to sports.

      I’m so glad you could also relate to points about success taking some time and about things working out in the end. With focused persistence results will always come. And even we don’t always get the results we initially wanted something new and better usually will emerge.

      Thanks for leaving such a brilliant comment!

    1. Hi Joyce,

      Indeed, we all get impatient at times when we’re not seeing progress as quickly as we would like. When I notice I’ve done this, I quickly become objective about what I want to achieve and the methods I’m using, and just get on with it, without too much emotional attachment.

      Thanks for commenting!

  14. That’s some wonderful advice/tips, Hiten. Have experienced the 1st and last one. Just yesterday, I had this deadline to be met and I was working very hard on it and still, it was not shaping up to my expectations. The more I wanted it to work, the more the brain refused to think differently… I gave myself a break, calmed myself and started again and it worked out beautifully and which goes on to prove the last pointer too!

    1. Hi Shilpa,

      It’s great to hear you found the tips helpful!

      Thank you so much for sharing your recent experiences! What you wrote were great examples of numbers 1 and 5 in action. It’s great the way you caught yourself firstly being hard on yourself, taking a break and then coming back to the task, which then worked out in the end! This is brilliant.

      What you wrote reminded me of what it feels like when we’ve had a hard day. The day has ended and something still isn’t working the way we want. We bang our heads against the wall and still it doesn’t work. However, after getting a good night’s sleep and re-starting again in the morning, the solution comes to us like magic!

      Thanks very much for leaving a fantastic comment!

  15. HI Hiten

    Great to see you here with the awesome post!
    I would say you have really shared the great advice and tips so to say. I would say #2 is the real gem, “there is a always a progress if you are active”. I wasn’t a believer of that initially because at times we don’t get satisfied until we see the results which we want to see.But with the passage of time I started adhering to the principle of “Be patient”, not to get overwhelmed and try to break the task into doable sub-subtasks and keep on doing those till the sub-task and then the task is done, with this I believe the #1 also vanishes with time and HOPEFULLY the last point will be met.

    Thanks Hiten and Corinne for this wonderful post.


    1. Hi Sapna,

      I can totally relate to the point you make about number 2. I too have had similar experiences with this. I think one, needs, to really experience the frustration of just focusing on the end goal and realising it isn’t something that will be achieved overnight, to really appreciate that so much progress and learning is being made in the journey.

      And what we learn along with the way can usually be applied to other aspects of life in the future, which are different to our immediate activities and goals.

      What you wrote about number 1 vanishing when we learn to “be patient” is so true. Many thanks for adding this great insight to the post and for leaving your excellent comment.

      I really appreciate your support!

    1. Hi David,

      It’s so great to see you here! I appreciate you following me over to Corinne’s blog, my friend!

      I’m really glad you agree with the points included in the post. I really appreciate you leaving your comment and for your support!

      Have a great weekend, David!

  16. Hello dear:
    This is my first visit to this blog, and i am glad to say that i have found it very informative.
    very nice and informative post, keep it going

  17. I started following your blog about a month ago and I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying it! Your style in writing is pretty fabulous.. Keep it up

  18. Loved this post. Some great advice here! I am really starting to learn the “don’t beat yourself up” idea. Mindfulness has helped me cultivate a compassion for myself which has helped me move forward in my goals, even if sometimes very slowly!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thank you so much for commenting!

      It’s great to hear you’re a fellow mindfulness practitioner! The impact the practice can have on us really is amazing, isn’t it?

      Indeed, I can relate to the effect mindfulness has had on you in terms of developing more compassion for yourself, which then helps in ceasing to be hard oneself. I’ve had the same experience!

      It’s great to connect to with you!

  19. Thanks for hosting Hiten, Corrine. I think the last point resonated the strongest for me. It’s a strong conviction, belief that everything in our lives, pursuit of goals, will work out at the end. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work out the way you want it too. It means (for me, at least) that it will work out as it should be or meant to be. It’s a great attitude to have when the going gets tough and when we face obstacles.

    I like Hiten’s overall article because we do tend to beat ourselves up over goals and resolutions sometimes – thanks for helping put all in this in the right perspective!

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      I’m really glad you liked the article and could resonate in particular, with the last point.

      What you wrote in your comment is so important and thanks so much for including this. As you say, everything will work out in the end, and indeed everything will work out just as it was meant to be. Indeed, as you put, this may not even be the way we wanted it.

      However, we live in a world where change is constant and rather than resisting the way things have worked out, it’s far better to go with the natural flow of life, learn from the experience and adapt accordingly.

      Thank you very much for adding so much more to this post, Vishnu. Your comment is much appreciated.

  20. Dear Hiten,
    I enjoyed reading your ideas and I agree with your five points.
    For myself, I have a slightly different take on #3 concerning helping others…
    One of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar is: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” For the reasons cited by both you & Zig Ziglar, I make it part of my daily practice to nudge at least 15 people per day toward greater personal empowerment.
    For my purposes, my act of kindness must be more than just doing something ‘nice’ for someone else. Sometimes, for example, I might nudge someone toward greater personal empowerment by pointing out a discrepancy between their words and their actions. They might not find this ‘nice’ at all! But, I will count it as one of my ‘good deeds’ for the day 😉

    1. Dear Linda,

      Thanks for your words of appreciation for the post.

      I was totally fascinated by your comment! Firstly, thanks for including the great Zig Zaglar’s powerful quote. Secondly, your daily practice of nudging 15 people a day towards progress in their lives is brilliant!

      This sounds like such a rewarding and satisfying practice for both the people you are helping and you. Indeed, as you say, some of the people who you give guidance to may not find it ‘nice’. However, there are definitely times when we need to tell people things they may perceive as not being nice, just to be ‘nice’ to them in the long run!

      You’ve got me thinking now about how I could help more people daily, to help them achieve their potential.

      Thanks very much for sharing your great practice and for leaving your brilliant comment! 🙂

  21. Great advice for making progress in the new year. I feel better after reading them;) No more beating myself up or comparing. I just want to enjoy the journey and be productive. My mother used to tell me that the best way to get out of a funk is to go and help someone else. It worked every time!

    1. Hi Leah,

      I’m really pleased you found the advice useful and that it had a positive impact on how you felt. This is great!

      The advice your mother gave is amazing and very true! And the fact that it has worked for you every time is living proof that her advice was spot on!

      Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your comment. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

  22. We all know how keep to our new year’s resolutions can be difficult, so I never understand why more of us don’t admit this and then ask for the help that is so desperately needed. I’m glad you’ve posted this message to encourage others to keep to their resolutions before they lose sight of the goal.I think the best way to get through our resolutions is to get put our goals before everyone to see, and as we lose sight of them we need to have our support circle give us encouragement. We also need to realize that we are bound to run into some hurdles but we shouldn’t think that we’ve failed in any way. We need to know that we are bound to hiccup and must move on and with our best foot forward. Thanks for putting up this post, I hope it helps others along the way.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment! I loved the point you made about putting our goals before everyone to see. If we are getting others to help us achieve our goals then this also makes us accountable, which will help to increase our motivation to get on with what we have set out to do! 🙂

  23. Hi Hiten,

    You have written a very good post specially #2 and #3 is very realistic. I believe, if you are active, work hard then you will get success. But if you don’t work then success won’t knock at your door.
    Opportunity do not comes again, so we have use properly,if we get any opportunity.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post with us.
    S. M. Omar Habib

    1. Hi S M Omar Habib,

      Thank you for writing such a wonderful comment!

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the post and could connect in particular, with #2 and #3. Indeed, as you said, we need to work to taste success. We have to create opportunities for ourselves and we can do this by knocking on as many doors as possible.

      It’s really good to connect with you!

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