5 Ways to Make Your Home Summer Friendly
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5 Ways to Make Your Home Summer Friendly

Come summers, and you start planning your exotic getaways, evening parties, and wardrobe makeovers. But what demands your immediate time and attention is your home sweet home. With the mercury rising, your home too should look and feel cheerfully cool and refreshing! This will ensure that despite the scorching heat outside, you can enjoy summer months happily relaxing and chilling at home! Here are 5 ways to make your home summer friendly.

5 Ways to Make Your Home Summer Friendly

#1 Declutter and Deep Clean

After lazy winter months, when you just let your house be, the summers come forth, telling you to get up and going! Therefore, firstly, make your home feel fresh and summer ready by decluttering it. Identify things which need to be disposed of or kept inside to make your home look spacious and airy. From the kitchen to the rooms to your wardrobe, declutter and make space.

Along with decluttering, also focus on deep cleaning things like kitchen cabinets which may have become greasy (given the oily food you cooked in the winter months), furniture pieces, fans, door handles and everything else. Together, the decluttering and deep cleaning exercise will make your house brimming with fresh vibes.

#2 Freshen Up Your Walls

Another way to make your home look vibrant and breezy would be to give your walls a fresh new look. For this, you may reach out to a well-known house painting company. You can choose relaxing pastel or coral shades that can make your rooms look bright yet refreshing. This may require some expenditure but will totally be worth it.

You can even inspect your roof and exteriors, for they too may be looking weather-beaten. If that’s the case, you can plan to give your house a beautiful little makeover to make it look fresh and fabulous!

#3 Re-orient Your Furnishings

While thick rugs, carpets, and curtains may have made your house look cozy in winters, summers require you to re-orient! Go for soothing, skin-affable fabrics that are light and pleasing to the eyes. You can also go for floral prints and translucent shades that add a summerish feel to the ambiance.

You can add a touch of fun to the furnishings by adding quirky cushions and tube pillows. This will lend the right feel for your brunch parties and evening game and gala sessions at home. To get this done in the best way, you may take help of furnishing brands that come home and create the whole desired look for you.

#4 Get Your Home Centrally Air Conditioned

When summers are at their peak, it gets unbearably warm and sweaty. That is why if this summer you want to ensure that every corner of your house feels cool, you may consider going for a central air conditioner. This might be a slightly significant expenditure but will make every summer relaxed and friendly for you.

In case, you don’t want to go for this, then get your air conditioners serviced well in time or buy a new one depending on your need. You may even buy an air purifier to create a fresh and healthy indoor environment for your loved ones.

#5 Spruce Up Your Outdoor Sitting Space

Outdoor sitting spaces make for right spots in your home to laze around during summer mornings or evenings when it’s relatively cool. So, make your sitting space comfortable and colorful. For this, firstly see if your patio or deck needs any rework or cleaning. Further, you can make this sitting space come alive with colorful chairs and stools, paired with quirky cushions, fruit baskets and ceramic or mud art pieces.

Further, set up your mini garden close to this space, so that your senses can feel rejuvenated whenever you sit here. You can buy fancy flower vases and pots too, which can add to the overall beauty of the space.

These are only some useful tips that can make your home more comfortable this summer season. Although some of the tips are low cost, others may require considerable expenditure. If you wish to give your home an overall new look this summer, then don’t let your budget hold you back.

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So, before summer heat blazes any further, get your home ready. It is special and deserves all the care and attention. So, go on and make the desired changes to your house.

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