5 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing to Harm Your Health

Yoga classes? Check. Gym membership? Check. Healthy food habits? Check. It’s safe to assume that the lifestyle you are following will keep you fit and healthy in the long run. However, unexpected flu and diarrhoea may make you question your lifestyle. The reality will surprise you. There are possibly 5 things you don’t know you’re doing to harm your health and set back your attempts to have a healthy life.

5 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing to Harm Your Health

Check out if you involuntarily do any of the five things mentioned below that set back your attempts to have a healthy life.

#1 You Take Your Hand Hygiene Lightly

You are busy emailing and suddenly, someone offers you a slice of orange, you slip it in your mouth and continue typing. This is something we all do. However, do you know your keyboard is dirtier than a toilet?

A simple solution to keep your hand hygiene in check by always carrying Dettol hand sanitizer. It is the 21st-century pocket shield that keeps your hands protected from any germ causing illnesses. So, make a point of carrying a Dettol hand sanitizer and using it at regular intervals. Wash your hands with Dettol hand wash for 360-degree protection against bacteria and germs. Remember, lack of hand hygiene is the single most potent cause of infections and illnesses. Thus, try your best to follow a healthy hand hygiene.

#2 You Wear Super Skinny Jeans

Sure, those skinny jeans look great, but do you know the health risk they carry? Abdominal discomfort, heartburn, and nerve compression are a few of the side effects of skinny jeans. Not just this, skinny jeans  to fungal infections and low sperm count. Looks like fashion can be dangerous at times! A simple solution is to replace those skinny pairs with loose trousers that feature an elasticized waistband.

#3 You Rely on Plastic Containers and Bottles

Plastic bottles and containers are made of polycarbonate plastic which contains a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA). This chemical affects bodily processes like reproduction, cell repair, energy levels, and growth. Every time you put the food in the microwave in these containers or pour hot water in the bottle, some amount of chemical gets dissolved in it. To avoid such harmful intake, use bottles and containers made of glass, clay, or porcelain.

#4 You Sleep with Your Bra On

Many women think removing the bra while sleeping will move their breasts down south. Well, let us break it to you, gravity is already taking care of it. Wearing a bra at night impacts the lymphatic drainage, blood flow, and can even lead to chronic inflammation. All this for a bra? Not certainly worth the pain. So, make a habit of taking off the bra when going to bed.

#5 You are Always Serious

You might be in your “I want to look serious” phase, but are you aware of the harm that it’s causing you? Remember, the immune system loves a good chuckle and with more laugh and smile, there is a significant decrease in stress hormones. So, laugh more by going through silly memes, watching your favourite comics, and meeting your funniest friends. Open yourself to funny experiences, and the god of health shall be ever grateful to you.

Wrapping Up!

It might be hard for you to digest that these simple daily habits are indirectly causing harm to your health. The best bet is to keep away from these habits. From washing your hands properly with Dettol hand wash to wearing a smile and taking a break from technology, do it all. These small alterations in your lifestyle will prove beneficial in keeping your health in check.

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  1. Good tips, for sure! Washing or sanitizing hands frequently goes a long way towards remaining healthy. I am guilty of using plastic containers on occasion, but have never put them in the microwave.

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