5 Things I Must Stop Saying To Myself
#MondayMusings - Self Acceptance and Self Care

5 Things I Must Stop Saying To Myself #MondayMusings

I still have to get used to seeing people walking down the road or sitting in their cars seemingly talking loudly to themselves. Of course, I soon realize that they’re on the mobile phones!

People talking loudly to themselves, are usually looked at with suspicion, and we wonder if they’re okay. We might not all talk aloud, but we certainly talk to ourselves all the time. If anyone says that they don’t do that then they are either totally unaware of themselves or liars!

While reading an article on Oprah ‘Things To Stop Saying To Yourself This Year‘, I was inspired to come up with my own list of things I should stop saying to myself, some serious and some not.

5 Things I Must Stop Saying To Myselfby panijeziora on DeviantArt

5 Things I Must Stop Saying  To Myself

I must lose weight

Yes, you’ve heard that from me before and I’m constantly telling myself that. I need to stop saying it and actually do something about. Something like getting off my behind and commiting myself to more exercise. I see some friends I know who have actually done the hard work and rather than just being in awe of them, I need to allow them to inspire me.

I’m not sure whether I want to write a book

Although I’ve worked with a friend on having a book published, I would like to write one in the inspirational category. At least, that used to be my dream. Now I’m not sure I want to do that. The time has come for me to either commit to writing and publishing a book or letting that dream go with no regrets.

I shouldn’t/should have

As someone who is self-aware, it’s hard for me not to regret things I’ve said, or words unspoken, actions or a lack of action on my part.  Yes, I have regrets, many of which I’ve learned from. Some of them, I’m still learning from. Regrets can be learning points or can be whips that we use to beat ourselves up. I must stop beating myself up about choices I made almost 20 years ago.

I’ll just check social media for a minute

Ha ha…that’s one huge self-con (if such a word exists, if not I’m calling dibs on it!) . I start writing an article, tell myself I need a break, and think I’ll use social media as a break. As some of you must be well aware, the minute soons becomes five, and before you know it you’ve lost track of what you were doing and start doing something else.

I’ll stop reading at the end of this chapter

Another hoax! I start reading in bed and tell myself I’ll shut down my Kindle at the end of a particular chapter. That chapter soons turns into another and soon I’m at the end of the book, wide awake and looking for the book I should read next!

Do you have things you must stop saying to yourself? What are they?



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35 Comments on “5 Things I Must Stop Saying To Myself #MondayMusings

  1. I am your spirit animal when it comes to the reading 🙂 every damn night. I get sucked in, I lie to myself, I’m up far far too late.

  2. Yes I talk a lot with myself. Infact I pose too many questions and wait for the answers, and I do get them. Social media and losing weight will also figure on my ‘not to say’ list. Another one will be – I am going to call up people (via telephone) and speak to them. I should stop telling this to myself because I cannot simply do this until someone threatens me to slit off my throat.

  3. These are all great and some I beat myself up with as well. I have given myself permission to not engage with people I do not care for, friends or family. It is freeing but the shadows of guilt still show up so it is an ongoing project.

  4. I too talk myself but not loud i liked the last two things in your list. How many times i would have scrolled fb for more than an hour when i just wanted to check for a few mins. I cannot leave suspense books in the middle and keep on reading till night.

  5. I tell myself lots of things: I can do that. It won’t take that much of my time. Just one more (thing, minute, piece of chocolate, time, stop…) What I should stop saying is “what would have happened if I just (hung on longer, left earlier, tried harder, stopped trying, turned left, began again…)

  6. Not sure if we got this from song lyrics (which I suspect we did) or where ever, but reading your Monday Musing this week reminds me of, “If I woulda, coulda, shoulda”. It became this thing we said back in the day when we missed an opportunity or did something we wish we could change. Reading about things you say you’ll stop doing reminds me of that and has prompted a post.

    Whether you write a book or not close that kindle, do what feels right. 🙂

    Enjoyed the post as usual.


  7. The last two are so me

    But if anything else I should stop saying to myself, it would be

    – I should eat healthy, about time I do it and stop talking about it
    – I should not overspend, this I say everytime I end up spending too much. I need to save and not just repend after every purchase!

  8. Mine would be –
    1. I should lose more weight. I really need to take a breath and appreciate the weight that I have lost.
    2. I also need to tell myself not to get hurt so often. I have made mistakes with my judgement – and I really need to stop beating myself up about it.

  9. I can totally relate to #1. I must say, I could also just accept myself as I am if I don’t feel like losing weight. Just saying I need to lose weight isn’t going to do anything either way.

  10. I can relate to #1 It was my mantra for many years. Now and then it surfaces again. But very true, we should stop saying and just do.

  11. I shouldn’t/should have used to be a danger zone for me. I used to wrap head around one thing for weeks, all to no end because it was never anything that could be changed. Now I just let it go. What’s done is done.

  12. Corinne, I have to get out of the social media abyss. Sometimes I fall in and can’t climb back out for hours. We can all relate to these. Great post.

  13. I’m for real for real losing weight. I honestly don’t think it’s anything you can prepare for. You just have to make up your mind and go cold turkey. It took me about 3 days of the “cold turkey” and now I’m on a roll. Slow and steady – 6lbs down and I started the Wednesday after Easter. I can’t think of anything else that I’ve got to stop saying. That was a big one.

    1. Oh and I did for real for real go cold turkey with facebook. I got off April 1st. It’s a snacking distraction and procratinator tool all in one. I’m not off for good but I was going for one month.

  14. I think I’m pretty good about not telling myself lies these days but retain this bad habit of feeling like everyone is supposed to like me. It bothers me way more than it should when they clearly don’t. There is no possible way to please everyone or never inadvertently offend another living soul. At least nobody is actively out to get me. ~grin~ Or so I hope.

  15. “I need to lose weight”. Same here, Corinne. Less talk more action is definitely what’s needed. “I’ll just check social media for a minute.”Hahaha! Yeah, right! 😀

    I’ve thought about publishing a book or two and started writing a couple, but haven’t finished them. One is too short and needs to be fleshed out, while the other, the dog story one has been painful to write about as there are mostly sad endings. This A to Z challenge has given me new inspiration to finish it, but I’m not giving myself a deadline.

  16. I loved this post Corinne – you are so honest about those thoughts. It’s great that you aren’t being all philosophical about it, but much more pragmatic and that means you are more likely to make some changes. Maybe that book will get written after all x

  17. I definitely had to giggle out loud on this one! Except for the last one… every other one I most DEFINITELY do as well! One day, one day. Self awareness is the first time, right? 😉

  18. I’ll just check social media for one minute. Oh yes, that wonderful lie that I tell myself and then find that I’ve been on Facebook for hours. This lie needs to go bye bye in my vocabulary!

  19. YES – I will just check social media for a minute, and I will finish reading after this chapter. Another one is: I will turn off the TV after this episode (spoken when binging on Netflix series)!

  20. The bit about giving up writing the book WITH NO REGRETS is an important piece. Sometimes we give up but don’t let go and then calling ourselves “quitters” is another thing we shouldn’t say to ourselves.

    For me lambasting myself about my weight is number one. Thinking I “should” have “achieved” more is another. The rest I have worked through…but I’ve left this two big ones to deal with.

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