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5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Inverter

Inverters are a necessity in every household today. The rising mercury levels, the need to be always connected to gadgets and other electrical appliances is the reason to have adequate power backup. Now you can even run your AC’s on high capacity inverters to stay cool during peak summers. Whether or not your area experiences frequent power cuts, inverters are indeed a boon. You can buy an inverter according to your load requirements for power backup at home.

It’s necessary to ensure that your current inverter is working optimally. Over the years of use, inverters along with batteries, start lacking in performance and may not work as efficiently as they did once. With a drop in performance, the introduction of innovative technology and rising load demand, upgrading your inverter becomes necessary.

We have been having a few problems with the inverter at home and since neither of us are techinally inclined, I’m done some research which I thought I’d share it with you.

5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Inverter

If your inverter isn’t performing like it used to, or there’s a problem that pops out now and then, you need to upgrade your inverter. Here are 5 signs that showcase your inverter needs to be upgraded.

1. Inverter is Not Charging Completely

One of the most common problems is that inverter stops charging the battery. There could be many reasons for this issue, including a dead battery where the battery must be replaced. However, there are other inverter related issues that can lead to this problem. Burnt rectifiers, rusted terminals, melted fuses, or even an electrical fault in the mainboard can be a reason for failure to charge the battery.

If your inverter is not charging the batteries completely, it’s time to upgrade to a new inverter.

2. Batteries Need Constant Maintenance

Whether it’s the electrical board failing, the alarm beeping continuously, or the LCD display showing false codes – all such problems require constant maintenance. Sometimes the wires or connectors to the batteries will have a problem, or the inverter will keep switching from grid to battery unexpectedly. If any of these are happening to your inverter, calling the customer care for a fix or buying a new inverter cab be your solutions. Consider upgrading your inverter in such cases to avoid shelling out money on constant maintenance.

3. Load Requirements Have Increased In The House

With time, you are going to buy new appliances, gadgets, and other electronics. It will naturally increase the load requirements, and your existing inverter will not be able to support it at all. If you connect more appliances than your inverter and battery can support, it will overload and even deteriorate the condition of the electronics.

There are two things to remember here, and they are Power Requirement and Volt Ampere Rating (VA). Power requirement is the total power (in watts) of all appliances you want to run on your inverter. Volt Ampere Rating is the current and voltage applied by the inverter to all the appliances you are running on the battery. Please refer to the load calculator on the Luminous website to check for the best suited inverter for your home.

4. Customer Support Is Not Accessible

In the world of one-day deliveries and 24/7 customer support, not getting an engineer to repair your inverter is surely a negative experience. Not only for your inverter, but this is true for all appliances. You should upgrade your inverter if your existing brand has poor customer service. Waiting a week for the engineer to arrive and fix the fuse is something that nobody wants.

5. Appliances Making Humming Noise During Back-Up Mode

A decade ago, when inverters were a luxury, they were not as technologically advanced as they are today. In the back-up mode, inverters with any deterrence to the waveform can result in appliances making a humming noise.

In short, if your inverter is old or based on old technology such as square wave – it is most likely to be the reason behind the humming noise of appliances. Hence, a sine wave  inverter for your home will be the best bet if you want to get rid of that humming noise.

An inverter is one of the essential investments in your home. Even though it’s often neglected and sits in a corner, you need it to make your life more comfortable. Upgrading your inverter can bring an enormous difference in your everyday life and give new experience to your appliances. However, do make an informed decision and buy an inverter from reputed brands like Luminous. You can purchase an inverter for home or choose one basis your load requirements. The brand offers a technological edge with its superior backup time, lets you stay connected with Wi-Fi, and charges the battery up to three times faster!

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