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365 Days Of Inspiration

365 days of inspiration. You really think so? The truth is that I’m stuck.

Despite the ‘stuckness’, yesterday was the only day I haven’t posted in a long while – the internet connection was down, you see? However, I realize that perhaps I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself to dish out the gyaan everyday of the week. So, I’ve decided to a take a break from the daily themes  for a few days and post when I really feel like it.
Does the fact that I’m finding it difficult to post mean that I’m not getting inspired? No……because honestly, now that I’ve learned to look, I find inspiration 365 days a year!  There’s inspiration all around me – in the everyday – and that’s why I write this blog.
Just this morning, as I walked down Zig Zag road (rightfully called that), I realized that my calves were hurting because I was holding back and walking very gingerly for fear of hurtling down the road. My fear of heights was not only holding me back from enjoying my walk, but also causing me pain. And I was inspired to think about what are the other fears that are holding me back from enjoying life and from being the best I can be…….

So, like I said, the inspiration keeps coming.  However, I mustn’t let my fears of being a failure, if I don’t write on some days, prevent me from enjoying my day.

I’ve told myself (prompted by a certain significant other) that if on some days I don’t feel up to writing,  I need not feel pressured….because the inspiration will continue to come – I’ll just write about it on another day!

Pat Brill says: ‘To fully enjoy the richness of our lives, we need to stop long enough to “visit with ourselves.” So if you find any gaps in my posts you’ll know that I’ve stopped to ‘visit myself.’  ( Colleen suggested that on days I don’t post, I should put up a sign that reads: I’m off exploring my heart, will be back tomorrow).

Meanwhile, you and I will continue to be inspired – everyday!

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