365 Days of Happiness
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365 Days of Happiness

Today I’m so glad to introduce you to Jacqueline Pirtle, an energy healer, mindfulness teacher, and author of 365 Days of Happiness : Because happiness is a piece of cake!

In her book 365 Days of Happiness, Jacqueline Pirtle has created a step-by-step guide to being happy. The book contains 365 short and sweet daily readings to inspire you live a happier life, one day at a time. Showing that you can put in work to change your life while also having fun, the practices are full of whimsy and delight.

365 Days of Happiness

Do you wish to learn how to BE happy and live happily ever after?

You might think it’s hard or even impossible to be happy every single day. Let me tell you this: It is not. No matter what is happening, you can always shift from being unhappy to be and live your own happiness. Promise. I have tested this statement through all the ups and downs throughout my life as a woman, wife, mom, energy healer, mindfulness guide, and teacher of life.

But why even BE and live happy?

By BE, I mean your whole YOU (body, mind, soul, and consciousness) being happy. And by live, I mean you experiencing this physical life as happy.

  1. For starters, a happy life is a fun and fulfilled experience. A happy being has a healthy physical body, a mind producing joyous thoughts, a soul easy to connect to, and a vivid consciousness to experience life through. When I am happy, my health picks up, I know exactly what I need and want, everything goes right for me, and I experience my life as magical. I call this state my “high for life” frequency.


  1. No pressure, but I see it as everyone’s responsibility to BE their best happy them! I base this on the fact that nothing is ever separate, but everything IS always ONE. That we are all made of energy, we are all connected, and we share our energies with each other at all times. You make the world a better place when you are happy!


  1. I believe our truth in this physical life is to BE and live happily, and I know that everyone deserves to learn how to achieve that.


And what is it all about?

Unleash the power of your body, mind, soul, and consciousness to acknowledge all there IS for you. To get a deeper understanding of yourself, everything, and everyone beyond your physical limitations. Dive happily and vividly into the adventure of your life.

So how does it work?

Happiness is a live moment-to-moment kind of feeling. It is an exercise in mindfulness that shows up in many different ways. There is no right or wrong, no imperfect or perfect, and no good or bad time.

Happiness is born when you choose it, commit to it, and when you want to learn how to BE it.

I decided to spend every day of 2017 devoted to my own happiness. I wrote every single day about the things I do to honor my own joy, and I used these writings to create a 365 day step-by-step guide to being happy.

Today, I would like to share with you one of my 365 daily happiness readings from my book 365 Days of Happiness:

DAY 20

Imagine you do the same things at the same time every single day!

You eat at the same time, the same food every single day.

You get dressed at the same time, wearing the same clothing every day. You live the same way every single day.

Do you think your experience of life is the fullest it can possibly be? No!

So shake things up in your new day:

  • Instead of coffee have tea.
  • Instead of a sandwich at the usual cafe, have a salad at a new eatery.
  • Instead of your usual route, take a new route.
  • Instead of wearing your usual clothing, wear something different.
  • Instead of cleaning your house from front to back, start at the back going to the front.

Shaking up your routine will give you new experiences, and with that, you will shift the way you see, feel, smell, taste, think, and hear what is happening for you. Shaking things up also creates new opportunities for you that do not exist in your old ways of living.

A shaken-up life is filled with new spontaneous wonders!

That IS happiness!

With the happiest wishes for you,

Jacqueline Pirtle

Jacqueline Pirtle

About the Author:

Jacqueline’s passion for happiness shines through in all of her work as an accomplished energy healer, mindfulness-happiness coach, and author of 365 Days of Happiness. She has helped hundreds of clients shift into a “high for life” frequency where they can reach happiness anywhere at any time.

Jacqueline’s professional background is in health, wellness, holistic medicine, energy healing, law of attraction, and happiness. She holds international wellness degrees and is internationally certified as a Reiki Master. Jacqueline has been leading life-changing workshops, talks, and private sessions since 2006. She was born in Switzerland and now makes her home in the United States.

To learn more, go to http://www.freakyhealer.com/

365 Days of Happiness

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5 Comments on “365 Days of Happiness

  1. I so agree with this. I remember a friend who was going through a particularly depressed phase of life, decided to shake up things. The first thing she did was to wake up from a different side of her bed. In fact she would sleep in different rooms daily, would rejig her wardrobe and read books of a totally different genre.. and she claimed in a month she had started feeling better.

    1. Dear Ramya, that is so wonderful to hear about your friend. And yes, I have seen it work wonders and magic for people in many different phases and situations of life. It keeps us open for new and fresh to enter our lives. Have a happy day 🙂 Jacqueline Pirtle, Author of 365 Days of Happiness

  2. The ideas by Jacqueline are very interesting to make life less routine and on one’s choice to be a seeker of happiness. I enjoyed reading it and thanks for hosting her, Corinne.

    1. Thank you vishalbheeroo for you kind words. It makes me happy that you enjoyed the content. I believe that each one of us is in charge as to how we want to experience our physical time here, no matter the circumstances. I think that I AM happiness and that happiness is ME. That happiness is always present and ready. It is never not here. To me, it is the best package deal ever… With the highest regards 🙂 Jacqueline Pirtle, Author of 365 Days of Happiness

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