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3 Pieces of Furniture That Will Change Your Life

It’s an odd-world we live in these days; a world where tradesmen have replaces craftsmen, temporary solutions have become the norm, instant gratification is the thing we chase the most, quick change is celebrated and we lead lifestyles that help fill up landfills. You know it’s true. We buy a lot, buy what’s easy, get bored with what we have quickly, buy things that give us joy for a week maximum and buy things that are cost-effective.

And, you know what, it isn’t working.

So maybe – just maybe – it’s time we changed our habits and the way we fill our surroundings by focusing on what we need, what we want, and what will last-longer.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of the piece of furniture every home absolutely relies on and that you must not try and skimp on by any means whatsoever. Yes, they may cost a chunk of change but, trust us, you won’t regret buying them for one minute.

3 Pieces of Furniture That Will Change Your Life

1. Your Bed

You are going to spend a third of your life (at least!) in your bed, making it the most used piece of furniture you will ever own. It’s that one big-ticket item that will affect your life more than any other, morning to night, night to morning. Your health, your mood, your emotions and stresses – they can all be affected by a bad mattress, which makes this that sanctuary you should never be cheap with. It’s so worth learning more about mattresses, and what’s good and what’s not, in order to live a happier life, while the type of bed you opt for will play a big role in your feng shui.

2. Your Dining Table

It’s the unsung hero of a home, whether you are living alone straight out of college or shacked up with a mad little family. That’s why it’s so important you have a table that’s sturdy enough to play a role in your life twice a day – something solid, spacious and super-easy to clean. It’s not just that, though. Studies show that dining in a proper position and amongst comfortable surroundings will also improve your digestion process and boost your mood. So quit eating on the couch in front of the TV and invest in a good dining table.

3. Your Office Chair

More and more of us have a dedicated home office space, whether that be a converted spare room or a quiet corner in the living room. It’s become a staple part of life. So, if you use a laptop or computer, or have kids that do a couple of hours of “homework” each day, it’s super-important you give your spine all the support you possibly can. That’s where an ergonomic desk chair comes in handy. Something that’s good, comfortable and adjustable in all the necessary places. You want to be focusing on your work (or gaming) and not your back pain, right?

Trust me: everyone needs to be investing what they can in these three pieces of forever furniture because they will drastically improve your life.

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